Lair gets Medieval on the PS3 gives an indepth review on Lair for the PS3.

"9 months ago, the legacy of Lair began. Announced as a launch title for the Playstation 3, the hype around this game was tremendous. As we all know, the launch of PS3 came and went, and LAIR was nowhere to be seen. Several months later, it resurfaces"...

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Cartesian3D4062d ago

nice find dude.. and nice review..

FlamePhoenix4062d ago

I am have A LOT of trouble deciding, what should I get, Warhawk or Lair? Thanks

Hugh Hefner4062d ago

Warhawk because of the replayability

nasim4062d ago

the OP forgot to mention the score of LAIR

People GAMEREVOLVER has given LAIR an 8.9/10

here is what they said:-

Beautiful cover art and overall packaging. Storyline is intruguing and controls are innovative.
Great FMV’s and the game itself is beatiful. The occasional slow down pulls this away from a higher score.
10.0 SOUND
A terrifice score that adds so much depth to the game. The music truly creates the experience.
Innovative control scheme that actually takes away from the game. No option to change out of the motion controls is definately a bummer.
Lots of unlockable content and extras to gain through winning medals in your missions. Online leader board helps you strive to be the best.

8.9 Overall
Very fun and innovative game. Every PS3 owner needs to give this one a spin and is a solid addition to any collection.

take that GS,IGN,EGM and all the Gayish XBOT websites

Blink4062d ago

Well worth the wait...the 3rd or 4th time:)The delay actually hyped the game even more..Love it!!

steriotyp4062d ago

Thanks. I thought it was pretty good.

Baba19064062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

i really dont know what to think about this game anymore haha. guess ill just have to buy it. =D looks awsome.

why the hell does europe and the rest of the world have to wait till oktober to getthis game. *cry*

masterg4062d ago

Remember there is no Region limitation on PS3 games, so you can just order it on an American store or pick it up on ebay.
That's what I do.

heroman7114062d ago

i gave up on this game long time ago and got warhawk yeterday

Blink4062d ago

This game will hopefully set the bar for sony and only good things can come from here on out.. This title has been lingering for awhile now and is a testament to what the ps3 is capable of, not only hardware wise but exlusivity wise too. This is a weight that sony has lifted off their shoulders and i think has lived up to most of the hype.I sure don't miss my rumble after playing this game..:)

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The story is too old to be commented.