TGV Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Derek at The Gaming Vault puts in his two cents about Call of Duty: Black Ops, Treyarch's latest offering in the popular FPS franchise.

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borisfett3509d ago

Largely agreed. It's a decent game, but the formula is just getting so old at this point.

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Sidology3509d ago


Applederp3509d ago

The Enemies never move from cover, so you can walk around them no problem. Then the bullet-entering is much easier

borisfett3508d ago

Really? I don't recall the franchise having A.I. that bad.

Applederp3508d ago

I've never noticed anything special about the A.I. actually.

RustyMagus3508d ago

Apparently you can get through the entire game pretty quickly without shooting a single enemy.

God_of_War3508d ago

i fell its pretty less, when compared to metacritic score

Sidology3508d ago

I personally would've given it a 6, but depending on what you're playing the game for, the score is going to vary.

We didn't get the PC version, because we heard it was buggy as Hell. Same with the PS3.

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