Who Playstation Plus IS for

[email protected] writes: So I know a lot of you have seen Playstation Plus and wondered, “Should I get that?”. Well I have the answer for you right here!

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Dsnyder3863d ago

PS Plus is for people who really like to spend money. Dont get more wrong. I love discounts but paying for discounts is a little bit of a contradiction. The automatic downloads does tempt me though but I will need more features before I buy into PS plus. (ie cross game chat)

deadreckoning6663863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

"I love discounts but paying for discounts is a little bit of a contradiction."

You couldn't have put that ANY better. That statement perfectly defines what Playstation Plus is. What would make me buy PS Plus is Home Rewards. If they assigned money values to trophies and that money was transferrable to buy things in Home...I'd buy PS Plus in a heartbeat.

ActionBastard3863d ago

PS+ is more than discounts.

blackbeld3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

With PS plus you will get Killzone 3 beta test game exclusive (if you subscribe now).

Also you will get GOW 1&2 full game demo for 1 hour. It's worth every penny.


How come?

I live in The Netherlands so maybe thats why I got it first?

Orionsangel3863d ago

I haven't received the KZ3 beta. So Fuck plus!

cruncher_203863d ago

It's not a contradiction.. it's a marketing strategy !!! (I don't say it's good or not...)

In other words, you give money now to have some discount later which on is own make no sense... But what you gain by doing that it's somes goodies... extra...

You have to be sure that the discount will equal the 50$ + $$$ to buy the game itself...

I still believe that they don't give enough... they really push the psp with all these minis free...

chainer30003863d ago

That is rather short-sighted. I paid maybe 18$ for 3 months of PS+ and got well over 50$ in discounts.

Only thing they should have added IMO is a video-purchasing reward system, based off points or something, or dropping a free download for every 10 episodes purchased.

JoeReno3863d ago


Thats kind of what the playstation rewards program is, and as a plus member, you can join the beta testing for the program.

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And actually, some users received more than $50 in content.

Like all DLC's from Fallout 3 for free, was a good deal and other stuff.

Psychic_Waffle3863d ago

Do you continue to own that DLC after your subscription period is over?

Ares84PS33863d ago

I got a few games for "free" plus Qore for a year avatars and Dynamic themes for free. Add-ons for free.

It's not just discouts. It's well worth it.

TronEOL3863d ago

You have clearly never used PS+ if you think all you get is discounts. I've been a member since it launched, and the only thing I ever bought was the discounted RDR Undead Nightmare DLC.

I've received more than enough to warrant my purchase and then some. But I do have to say they better follow up with the new features thing they spoke about. That's one thing I'm excited to find out.

chainer30003863d ago

I bought the PS3 Plus service for 3 months. Within those 3 months, I got 2 Oddworld Games for free (10$ normally, each), Crash Bandicoot CTR and Cortex Strikes back for a total of ~8$ off, several Qores, free themes, and tons of minis and discounts of games I would have bought at full price. Also, reduced price on RDR: Zombie expansion, as well as several other games I was super interested in.

It is 100% dependent upon whether or not you are going to be buying the discounted games. For me, it has paid for itself twice over at this point.

Only complaint: I wish you could accumulate points for Video purchases for free rentals or purchases. There is no incentive to buy whole seasons as there is no price reduction. Ive spent easily over 200$ on Video media alone, probably 80$ on DLC, and 50 on PS1/2 games.

dragunrising3863d ago

PS Plus is more than a service for people that like to spend money. Its also for people that like to play betas, and get free stuff. I've been pretty pleased with the service so far. Recently Plus members were gifted both Oddworld games valued at $20. Not to mention every week a PSP mini or three are given away. Playstation Plus is for people who like to play games. I barely have enough time to keep up! ;-)


I love Playstation plus because you will save alot of money in the long run and all the content you will get is easily over 100 dollars... plus you get into betas and save on new games and map packs as well as free Qore which often sucks but when a big game comes out you get alot of scoops and downloads. I have been in the assasins creed, killzone3, and dead space betas, and have gotten over 20 great games out of the 40 that i have recived so far... my advise is if you like ps2 and ps3 games its a no brainer... also if you like themes and avatar colecting its a good investment.. However if you are broke or expect a little big planet every month... dont bother with ps plus!

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Shazz3863d ago

plus is for anyone who wants to pay for good discounts and games so leave them be ffs .

MultiConsoleGamer3863d ago

I have received enough discounts to more than justify the cost.

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EliteAssassin813863d ago

I have been highly dissapointed in playstation plus. They could have made it awesome, by adding features to enhance my online gaming. Instead I pay them to give me discounts on shit I've owned for a long time already.

n4gno3863d ago

Stop pretending having a ps3/being a gamer, you don't have ps+ dumb Xfanboyliar.

Silly gameAr3863d ago

They've delivered on every promise so far. I'm very happy with plus. Sorry you're not. That's a shame.

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