GAMER-0 # 23: EA’S Online Pass Is It Good For Gamers?

Is EA's online pass is a good thing for gamers...that's a question that many have asked and talked about in the industry and then I was asked by a subscriber what I thought. Let me know if you think I'm way off base here.

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NYC_Gamer3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

nope because the code can only be used once....what about people who share the ps3/360 with their family..need to spend 10 extra dollars for each account

mrv3213860d ago

Well, one of two thing where going to happen.

A price increase to $70 or even $80
OR this

I prefer this, sure the used market is getting screwed, but I suppose overall they kinda win.

If you loan games to friends, which I do, I ONLY play singleplayer, and your forgetting you get a 3 day pass to play... which is long enough to test out most multiplayer games.

Neckbear3860d ago

Can't they just share the account, as well?

Neckbear3860d ago

I honestly don't mind it.

After all, it is quite an obsession of mine to buy all my games new.

-Alpha3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

I don't mind it, except that a majority of what is offered is withheld content (at least in BC2's case).

It's EA business tactic to counter Activision who sells map packs for $15. Which, by the way, is completely fair when you consider the fact that they are charging no more than everybody else: 1 map= $3 is the standard for practically every MP game. So before anyone accuses Activision of being greedy, consider the fact that they are doing no worse than anybody else.

The pass system's fault comes when, on the PS3, you have people who share the same PS3. I think with paying for map packs they install to your PS3:

This option is clearly better for people who tend to share.

I am glad that BC2 is going out with a bang though: I think 4 free maps are coming that are actually new and not old ones that are unlocked. It makes up for all the previous map packs that were just withheld content/modes. In this sense EA really redeemed their system. Though, I highly doubt this would have happened if BO wasn't released, but that's the beauty of competition, gamers always win.

EA is being smart: they know they can't charge for map packs in comparison to the competition. It'd be foolish to assume they don't want that money Acti makes. Same goes for Sony-- they would love XBL Gold profits, but they know the best way to fight is to stay free.

Activision and MS both dominated their respective areas and they charge the way they do because they know they can. As a result the majority of gamers flock to it based on brand recognition and quality (and yes, XBL and COD were quality products)

In order to win those gamers you have to use a different strategy. Online passes are great for EA and when they offer legit new content it's great for gamers. But I don't mind paying for DLC/splitting the price with friends on PS3 either.

-Alpha3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

By the way, it has the name HHG, but I think this was a very well done video. Mature, well spoken, and addressed a good topic without the need to resort to flamebaiting. This is the kind of stuff I like to see, but sadly it rarely gets the attention it deserves.

Personally I'm thinking of starting a Youtube Gamer discussion/commentary channel. I've tried doing Uncharted 2 MP commentary before but it's a lot harder than it looks to have a clear, understandable voice and get your thoughts organized, so props to the guy in this video for actually knowing what he is talking about.

deltaforce823860d ago

I think it'll help the company by decreasing the amount of used copies sold, which in turn could be good for gamers