Nintendo: Wii is a Hybrid, 360 and PS3 an SUV

Now that Nintendo's big again though, everyone's interested to know how they did it. In an interview with The Motley Fool, a financial education and information site, the Fool caught up with George Harrison, senior vice president of marketing and communications for Nintendo, to discuss the Wii, the DS, and Nintendo's plans for the future.

More interestingly, Harrison made comparisons between automotive purchasers and console purchasers, stating that while multiple people may be in the market for a car, not everyone's interested in the same thing. When asked whether the 360 or the PlayStation 3 was a greater threat to the Wii, Harrison bluntly responded that neither was, explaining, "Consider three 30-something suburbanites. On a Saturday morning, two of them drive their big SUVs into a tire shop to buy big new chrome rims. The third is home online, doing product comparisons to figure out which hybrid he wants to buy."

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TriggerHappy4066d ago

Ninty are now the market leaders. Now they are about to start taking shots at the competitors. Is not surprising though, considering both companies have had their time with making comments about the Wii

Rooftrellen4066d ago

I don't think Nintendo is going to start taking shots. That's not the kind of company they are. They simply say they've gone a different direction, and saying that its unlikely that they will add other features to their consoles shows they're sticking to their guns.

To be honest, I'm really happy about that, too, because I'm with Nintendo, it just works better when you work on gaming, not the extra stuff.

Azrael19704066d ago

This is a great analogy. Think about it. Anyone who has been paying attention to the media has heard that Hybrid cars are actually worse for the environment than SUVs. It is a proven fact that a Toyota Prius is more environmentally damaging than a Hummer.
The Nintendo Wii, with its Game Cube 1.5 graphics, is bad for the hardcore gamer. Sure it is a fun little diversion, but does the hardcore gamer really want Wii Fit? The citizens of the world, or should I call them sheep, race to buy a hybrid car because it is the "correct" thing to do. Those same sheep buy a Wii because the media tells them that it is essentially "what the cool kids are doing". Personally, I have a PS3, but both the PS3 and Xbox360 delivers a premium gaming experience(kind of like a great steak), while the Wii is simply the McDonald's of the gaming world.

GnaM4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )



razer4066d ago

the worst attempt at sarcasm I've ever seen. Considering you completely missed the mark.. "XBOT [email protected]"?? Where the hell did that come from?

Seek help loser.

GnaM4066d ago

LOL, I'm sorry, do you need a tissue?

Husso4066d ago

LOL kiddy maker is delusional.

wii is a tricycle the 360 a ford, PS3 a Lexus.

unsunghero284066d ago

People seem to really like tricycles these days, eh?

djt234066d ago

ha ha aha people is really like tricycles

Rooftrellen4066d ago


Graphics don't make a game hardcore. Play NES Zelda, yeah, the first one. Beat it and tell me its not hardcore. Beat the hard mode and dare tell me its anything but hardcore, and its graphics are terrible. It's still a hardcore game, though, even by today's standards.

The Wii is bad for the graphics whores, not for the hardcore gamer. It's very good for the hardcore gamer, in fact, looking at the games comming up and dreaming of all the ways the controller could be used. The Wii is as bad for hardcore gamers as the DS, and the DS is good for the hardcore.

The only problem is that most of the people who call themselves "hardcore" never played games before 2000, never got to play a game in black and white on the gameboy, never played the arcade games of skill in a bowling alley, never looked at a new console and said "wow, that looks better than a cartoon" because they never experianced a game that was less than that. It's sad, most of the people who call themselves "hardcore" care only for graphics.

GnaM4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

I agree on NES Zelda. I just wrote an article mentioning how difficult it was last week.


Where I'd disagree is that since the series has gotten so easy even since Link to the Past, it lost that hardcore edge, along with the rest of Nintendo's franchises. Really, if you look at it one way, Nintendo catering to casual audiences over the hardcore is nothing new and they've been doing it with all their titles since the N64 hit (if not earlier).

But then again ALL games have been getting easier and catering to the casual over the hardcore. Sure, not every game out there today is as easy Mario Party, Yoshi's Story, or Ocarina of time...but few are as difficult as the original Legend of Zelda...much less Contra, Castlevania or practically any other highly respected game of yore.

Furthermore, 99% of the hype and excitement for games on 360 and PS3 revolves around heightened visuals with little or nothing in the way of gameplay improvements. How many people can tell you what exciting features Killzone 2 has to offer in the way of gameplay? None. But they can tell you it it "gud graphx". That's not to say that games on Wii don't get hyped over their know that's half of what's selling Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3, and Mario Galaxy. The focus industry-wide is graphical improvements first, gameplay second...casual players first, hardcore second.

So while I'm not really excited for most of the "gimmick" titles on the Wii, it does strike me as rather hypocritical when you've got all these fanboys raining hate on the Wii for "forgetting hardcore gamers" when these same people turn around and predict unproven, unreleased titles as "guaranteed AAA hits" based entirely on how nice the cutscenes look.

FelicityOldGamer4065d ago

I always see your posts... I think like you... Nintendo is doing a great job! I play games since Atari 2600! I think Nint is doing very well to old school gamers and adding some new experience!

Sorry about my bad english... I am from Brazil and I am very rusty...

Maddens Raiders4066d ago

anybody see what the latest tests show on CNN when an SUV hits a hybrid?

The ______ reminds me of that gum called EXTRA. They promise long lasting flavor and performance, but really after about an hour you just spit it out because the thrill is gone. The only way to have a long lasting session is if you invite more sticks of gum to chew along and that can't always happen.

Kids love chewing gum though. And playing with their food.

Harrison's a fool -- talking like that is only going to make the fall hurt even worse.

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