Nintendo 3DS: Potential For Remake/Sequel Greatness

Ryan Hauser writes, "As of late, it seems like gaming consoles are devouring more and more features, evolving into a universal center of technology. This especially holds true with gaming industry juggernaut Nintendo as it finishes polishing up the 3DS for electronic store shelves. But with 3DS’s launch lineup being a full on nostalgia-fest (with remakes such as The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64), it makes me wonder what other games deserve a remake/sequel on Nintendo’s revolutionary new handheld."

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MultiConsoleGamer3860d ago

I think for the first couple of years we're going to see a ton of ports on 3DS. I'm also hoping we see more retro collections. Possibly collections of DS games re-done in 3D.