Metal of Honor Airborne: 7/10 for 360, 9/10 for PC

GameDaily on 360 version:
"Outside of the battlefield, however, made us cringe. Not only does the sky look painted on, but the mountains and houses look PlayStation 2 quality."
Overall OK.

GameDaily on PC version:
The graphics look wonderful, especially the animations, which include soldiers falling in accordance to where the bullet hits them. Airborne's orchestral soundtrack is also very moving, as per the Medal of Honor tradition."
Overall Excellent.

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TriggerHappy4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

I will bet $ that this is Mk_Red's story ? Prove me wrong Mk_Red.

By the way, both version of the game comply of the same elements. The only difference is that, PC version will edge out the console version because of the resources it has.

MK_Red4066d ago

You win :)
The real difference between the 2 is online, bugs and graphics. PC versions seems to be perfect according to GD while 360 version feels rushed. No word on PS3 version so far.

JsonHenry4066d ago

I read the first review score of a 6.5 and I thought to myself "No way!!" The demo I played was awesome! But then I remembered I played the PC (superior version of course, the PC version is almost always better) demo.

I will have to Dl the 360 version and see for myself. But I can tell you that the PC version is a great looking game.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4066d ago

How could it be that much better on PC than XBOX 360?

MK_Red4066d ago

The funny thing is that in the old GameInformer issue which had the first preview and details of MOH:Airborne, they said PS3 version is the lead but now PS3 one is delayed and the other console version is behind PC one according to GameDaily.

It's kind of a bummer for me since I was planning to get the 360 version.

SofaKingReetodded4066d ago

is an underpowered console like we have been telling you all along.

the difference now is that it's not a PS3 comparison it's pitted against but it's bigger brother the PC.

It's gonna be a threepeat: Bioshock,Moh,and finally Gears will have the best version on the PC.

cloud3604066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

This shows that EA is not the only company that makes up fuc*ed up sh*t games....

Activison are worse than EA...

I told u FPS games suck

MK_Red4066d ago

Wow, do you realise that this is an EA game not Activision's?

Call Of Duty is Activision's military shooter (Ex-WW2 FPS).

cloud3604066d ago

call of duty , medal of honour... same thing....

Its a fact that all FPS are sh*t right....

All of them have to be about war and two opposing sides with military power. thats doesnt matter

I dont like FPS becoz: huh.. maybe another time... i have to go to bed now.

MK_Red4066d ago

Hey, it's EA again! They screwed up a version of their game again. Tiger woods on 360, Madden on PS3 and now Medal Of Honor.

DeckUKold4066d ago

by the way did u see wii madden BUGS BUGS BUGS i cannot believe it looks a little worst than madden 07

Ri0tSquad4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Please someone tell me there not lazy.............exactly
EA has really disappointed me with not only this title but others as well. I'm starting to favor 2K (they do great ps3 ports and made that fantasic AAA shooter Bioshock) more anyways there not as lazy.

DeckUKold4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )


kinda think of it why didn't 2k make bioshock for the ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.