Kaz not sure if GT6 will be on PS3

Polyphony Digital head Kazunori Yamauchi has told Eurogamer that he "doesn't know" if the next Gran Turismo game will release for PlayStation 3 or the next generation of console hardware.

"10 years ago it was easier to predict what would happen three years in the future," he said in an exclusive interview at the official GT5 launch event in Madrid. "Nowadays no-one knows what happens in the future. In three years, we don't know what will happen."

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LordMarius3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

GT6 should be out in 2 years, there is really no reason to have a long development time if your product isnt going to meet the high expectations its set out to do.
For GT6, take out the GT4 out of GT5(cars, tracks, etc), add more online modes, fix the menu layout, and you are almost set to go. That shouldnt take 3 years or more

Nate-Dog3861d ago

A lot of people said the same thing about FFXIII Versus after FFXIII's long development time but that's been in development for 4 years already and there's no sign of it. Chances are the next GT won't be for a while. Besides I don't even know why anyone's talking about it already.

Nitrowolf23861d ago

well chances are GT6 is going to use the same engine, FF13 and Versus i believe are using different engines

Yi-Long3861d ago

... just give us more interesting tracks to race them on!

dabri53861d ago

XIII and Versus XIII are using the same engine.

Brawler3861d ago

Versus is being developed by a different team so totally different game just fyi.

Red_Orange_Juice3861d ago

I thougt it's pretty obvious GT6 will be a PS4 launch title

Rage_S903861d ago

Japanese devs take their timeeeeeee making games so i wouldn't be so sure

Bathyj3861d ago

I think it should be a PS4 launch title.

Its so high quality now, I just dont see it being that big of a jump this gen.

Better to make more premium models, (which are detailed enough polywise for GT6 already), tracks and features tweak the engine and thats it.

visualb3861d ago

to be honest, anything they'd add to GT6 they could fix via very cheap / very big DLC.

if they made a mega pack with 100+ more premiums, more tracks, more tunings, etc....interior views for standards, hud removal, etc (what ever it could be loads of random stuff)

and it was relatively cheap (say 10- even 20 bucks for loads more content)

GT6 could easily be reserved for PS4, allowing GT5 to become a slowly growing game over time =)

remember GT3-GT4 was just MORE content (as far as I'm concerned)

the same could be done with GT5 through DLC (instead of a whole new fully priced game, just in DLC, cheaper and also accessible to those who'd want it =) )

I dno that makes most sense to me tbh....

ShinMaster3861d ago

Just like on PS1 and PS2.
The first GT games on each console always have a lot less cars than the second game released.

Dee_913861d ago

well this pretty much confirm DLC right ?

badz1493861d ago

why are some people need to talk about this right now? GT5 is a massive game with lots and lots of things to do and with track editor and stuff, there'll always be different tracks for you to drive everyday! for PD, I hope they don't released GT6 just yet - at least not for another 2 years! GT5 is the fruit of dedication and selling it for $60 is like a crime when there are games like CoD and other short and shoddy games are also available at the same price!


I don't think we'll need two GT games this gen, just like I don't think we need an *inset sport modality here* game every year.

The biggest difference in developing this gen compared to the last one isn't the price, despite of what devs and publishers state. It's the possibility of making upgrades, the games quality isn't a fixed one anymore, it's dynamic.

One good game, with the right dev support and community feedback will get better with the time. While one developed only with milking DLC and the next year installment in mind, had less chences of ever evolving.

Being so, I prefer they don't care about GT6 yet. Support GT5, fix the bugs that will appear throughout its first year (as bug will appear in any game), give us nice new content, if you feel it's a upgrade worthy paying for, charge us for it (and if there is one dev that seens in the right path so far to make this judgement it's PD, they are the one prefering to hold the release to add more content and still charge us standard price).

The only upgrades that they could add to GT6 but not the current engine as far as I can think are major physics and graphics overhaul (there's always room for improvement for those two) but those wouldn't be major updates in one or two years, it takes time to develop. Everything else, more tracks (there is a creation tool, but more official tracks are always a win win as they can charge for it and we can get new official courses), more cars, update standard cars, more options to customization, more handling adjust options, new features, any update they think the interface could use... All that could be done in GT5. I think Kaz believe this too, the existing game is still very expansible, it should be possible to add more value to this game with time and keep it selling (preventing Sony from forcing a new release too).

When Kaz decides it's time for GT6, be it in PS3 or PS4, as when it'll be worth/possible to make upgrades worthy a new game, so be it, I'll be there to get my hands on it.

PS: I didn't even mentioned add better damage because, at first, Sony and PD already stated they are doing it, second, I don't think the current damage is bad, although maybe I wouldn't personally make it attached to leveling system, anyway I have no intention to keep bumping into walls to see how it looks like, I want car crashs I would of play Burnout instead of Gran Turismo.

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Blacktric3861d ago

Engine is already there. Make some modifications to make it look better, add more premium cars (around 400-500 total premium cars in the game would've rocked for me) and bam! There's GT 6 for you. No need to make us wait for another 5-6 years.

visualb3861d ago

I agree but what you suggest is just more content, which can be dealt with through DLC -

I'd prefer that than to have to buy GT6 in 2 years for 60 bucks again

rather have a 5 Gb 20 buck DLC with 200-300 more premiums, 5-10 more tracks and some other stuff)

Ducky3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )


It can be argued that all sequels are simply more content with a face-lift.

200-300 more premiums and 5-10 more tracks (or well, a few more tracks couldn't hurt) is more than enough to warrant a $60 tag.

blumatt3861d ago

I'd rather GT6 be a PS4 launch title. If the PS4 launches with GT6 alongside it, Sony will have a heavy hitter that will drive sales of the PS4. They need a big game to go with the PS4 because you know Microsoft will launch the 720 with another Halo game.

kwyjibo3861d ago

Marius, what you've described is DLC.

Gue13861d ago

But the menu layout it's fine, the problem are the loadings, even with a 10GB installation there are too many of them and they take too long.

MisterNiwa3861d ago

Duhhh, Of course it's gonna be on 360 with Kinect.

vhero3861d ago

I fell we are gonna get what we got with GT3 and thats spin offs like but this time probably in the form of huge DLC.

MariaHelFutura3861d ago

I personally could care less. I`m gonna be playing GT5 for a long long time.

STONEY43861d ago

I don't even get why people complain about the menus. They're fine. In fact, with the insane amount of content, it's alot better organized than the other GTs. Options are in plain sight. Arcade mode is a button away. GT Life's menu layout has every single necessary area on the main page. Really, I could figure out where everything was in a matter of seconds.

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Convas3861d ago

It'll be a small measure of mercy if you see Gran Turismo 6 before 2014.

blackburn53861d ago

Trying to be trouble makers like most of these sites do. Wouldn't be surprised if they took what he said out of context

TheMART3861d ago ShowReplies(4)
ngecenk3861d ago

let him do what he want. i miss the day when developers do what they think the best for the game. its rare to see a non money oriented guy chasing his dream game. if he's comfortable with it, so be it.