Vandal: Gran Turismo 5 Review

Even with some flaws that we'd like to see corrected, Gran Turismo 5 continues to offer the fun, simulation and unmistakable departure times. Anyone who has enjoyed the series, you should not doubt for a moment, because not only is at the number one driving so far, is also more and better than previously offered, the hallmark of well-being before a machine oiled and ready to compete.

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renegade3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Mixed score reviews... Can't wait to pick this up today and review it my self...

hennessey863853d ago

the one thing i was really looking forward to was having a go at the topgear track and its not avalible at the start of the game and god knows when you unlock it. Other than that the games amazing ithink the reviewers are being to harsh and their expectations were maybe to much for this gen. All i know is im going to be playing gt for a long time to to stay n chat but there is a skyline staring at me juxt begging tp be taken round monaco byyyyyyyyyeeeee

poindat3853d ago

I've been playing it for a bit and the Top Gear challenges unlock fairly soon after you start the game, so don't worry. I think in order to unlock if for Arcade mode though, you need to get golds on the challenges so that may be a bit of work!

Reborn3853d ago

Yup, the track comes at around Lv 4-5.

Fairly quick to reach that mark any ways.

I'm enjoying this game. I dont see me putting it down for a few more hours.

dkgshiz3853d ago

Not really,8s,9s,10s. Thats not really mixed. Mixed is like a couple of 8.5s,7s, one 9,and a few 6s.

wissam3853d ago

Positive that's for sure.

Basil-Rathboner3853d ago ShowReplies(1)
Rage_S903853d ago

why are there so many translate reviews i want some english review dammit

Genecalypse3853d ago

People grasping at straws, gotta post those no name sites that give 10s or 7s, adds shock value

MeatPopsicle3853d ago

And, of course, the fact that most of Europe has been up for many hours earlier than the US to have time to put their reviews out.

Arnagrim3853d ago

Can't wait to see the influx of great reviews that boost up the Meta Critic score. If anything to see these trolls circle-jerking over Forza to eat their words.

NegativeCreepWA3853d ago

So if someone thinks Forza is better there a troll? I'm a fan of both series and each has its strengths and weakness's.

nnotdead3853d ago

no but those many people trolling the 8.5 and under reviews of GT5, and screaming FAIL! and Forza 3 is the best. those people are the trolls he would be talking about.

Shazz3853d ago

ohhh a 4.8 then 9.1 then 9.5 lol can hear tumbleweeds roll along in these good review articles as bots dont even want to enter .

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The story is too old to be commented.