CheatCC: Gran Turismo 5 Review

CheatCC - "Gran Turismo 5 is out. No more delays, pushbacks, or excuses. The release is enough to get any serious automotive gaming fan excited, and by the time this review is published, I am nearly certain that die-hard automotive fans will have already picked up and played this title."

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ShinMaster3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Hmm.... 9.6/10? Cool.

Reviews for this game certainly vary with different sites.
From IGN's "8.5" to Destructoid's "10" and Eurogamer's and GameInformer's "9".

* It all comes down to the player and the GT fans.
Either way there's no denying this is an excellent racing game.

aMadMan3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )


Multiple credible gaming sites have hailed GT5 as the best driving game to date. I don't know about you but I'm pretty damn stoked to play it.

Terarmzar3862d ago

Yeah i agree with you. Im not concerned with the reviews though, GT5P was really my first taste of Gran Turismo and i fell in love with it so i have no doubts about this game.
Im a car enthusiast so i gotta love it lol

Shazz3862d ago

as i said in a few posts forza had 90 reviews before getting its 92 on metacritic so lets see what gt5 sits at in a week then lets see who can boast .

blackburn53862d ago

Another near perfect score to add to the list.

clank5433862d ago

People were saying, "GT5 is AN EPIC FAILURE" based on 5 reviews earlier. Its kind of sad how 5 reviews can influence a user base so much.

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