Quake Wars preview from GC '07; PC demo comes on Monday

Shacknews is reporting that PC users will be able to download a demo of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars on Monday, September 10, 2007, a Splash Damage community manager said on the official Quake Wars forums.

Now continue with Desctructoid's preview from Games Convention:

"You're not going to find any FPS-griping in this preview. Not a single drop of it. Despite the brevity of my appointment, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars gave me more of the good old 'Just gimme the goddamn controls!' syndrome than anything else I saw demoed at Leipzig. The sheer vibrancy and inertia of the battlefield coupled with the variety of tasks required to make the war effort work -- the actual frontline fighting is only one aspect of a much bigger picture -- had me pining for more the second I left."

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