PCs Versus Consoles: Friends or Foes?

Time for a look at PCs Versus Consoles! You've got fanboys in all corners of the console wars, but what about the PC and console crowds in general, can they be friends or will they be foes? Here's a look at each platform's best features.

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TriggerHappy4066d ago

I'd Say friends because regardless of how far consoles go, PC's will always be needed. There won't be a time where PCs will be completely replaced by consoles.

PC is a PC, it wins best features comparison including online and the others.

Lakuspakus4066d ago

PC is a tools which happens to be great at playing games, consoles is made for games, therefore console fanboys can only own one console + a computer but not two different consoles.

But that only counts for the fanboys (the part about owning only 1 console)
I got them all, muhhahaha.

deadpreacher4066d ago

Im both a PC and console player. Used to be mainly a PC gamer, but now im heading into console mostly. Anyways im glad to see it coming togther so i can still play with old friends on the PC. Yet thats as far as it goes friends only! Even on the PC i would only play with friends becuase of all the cheaters. This is why i dont play PC much anymore. Its both good and bad. More friends to play with that at least get the PC version of a game and bad to play with random people with all the cheats that will be brought into the game.