Gran Turismo 5 1080p Raw Screens

NowGamer brings you the first unaltered, full size 1080p HD gameplay images from Gran Turismo 5...

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Nitrowolf23515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Anyone else pissed off at Gamestop for only supplying the Nascar and not the F1

Nitrowolf23515d ago

yes, it seems that they fixed the issue (well for me)

PR0X13514d ago

LOL this shit is fugly as hell...

Not hating on GT5 or anything but common even the most hardcore ps3 fanboy can't defend this pixel mess.

This gen consoles is so outdated :(

3515d ago
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StitchJones3515d ago

I am so very happy with the game so far. The shots Sony was sharing before do not look as good as the game itself, but everyone knew there was no way the game would look that good with that level of shadow detail.

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The story is too old to be commented.