Rumor : Some Xbox 360 Games May Require HD-DVD

According to the Consumer Electronics Daily Newsletter sent out by Warren News, there may be a time when Xbox 360 gamers may have to buy an HD-DVD player to play some games.

This seems to fly in the face of everything that Microsoft has said so far although they did also say that no game would ever require a hard disk drive and then Football Manager was released in the rest of the world and it required the premium console pack-in.

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shoota335385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

But wait its all about choice MS is not forcing hd dvd down our throats LOL..LOL!!

omansteveo5385d ago

dude this qote is totally takin somewhere it wasnt meant to go and people are eating it up...ignorance...pure ignorance

D R Fz5385d ago

Microsoft is playing with the wallets of their customers and microsoft fanboys still can't realize that they have been robbed. I'm so glad i got my 360 for free. But it's ok, the ps3 will make everything better. That's one complete package i know will not need ad-ons for me to achieve 1080p and watch/play next-gen movies/games. Ps3 is taking it.

D R Fz5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

There is hope, the ps3 is the answer for your next-generation needs.

TheMART5384d ago

Pathetic Lametime

Read this:

Xbox Marketing: “HD-DVD for movies not games”

Obviously we never saw that one coming when we quoted a Consumer Electronics digest this morning with a rather peculiar remark about HD-DVD. Dave Luehmann, general manager over at Microsoft Game Studios, was quoted as saying that Microsoft was investigating releasing Xbox 360 games on HD-DVD, but now John Porcaro, Communications Manager at Microsoft’s Global Games Marketing Team, states the opposite.

"Since announcing the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player accessory at E3 2006, we’ve been clear that it is designed exclusively for playing HD DVD movies. It will not play games on HD DVD. […] At this point, we haven’t seen anything to suggest that next-gen DVD formats offer a better game experience than current DVD. What we do know is that these formats will bring added cost to game developers, disc manufacturing, and could even result in added costs and longer load times for the consumer, which would negatively impact the game experience."

That's what you get from games on 'next gen' media formats. Higher costs, longer loading times

That's your fate with the PSZero! Enjoy it

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Balance5385d ago

rumor. i don't see it happening, there isn't a upside to it for MS. you don't get anything by making a hd-dvd game.

Shadow Flare5385d ago

may be a rumour. But u jus know in da future this WILL happen

ie. what happened to, "dvd's are perfectly fine for next-gen gaming"


ie. why didnt the 360 include a hd-dvd drive as standerd? Cos it offers more choice to gamers?


had da 360 been released dis november, hd-dvd wud hav been standerd with 360. Its more the fact ms wanted to launch last year to get a headstart on ps3. But hd-dvd wasnt a finalised format last year. So they were stuck wit dvd

360 is the poor mans playstation

BIadestarX5385d ago

How hard it is to release the game in 2 DVD if it does not fit in one? I have no Idea why they making a big deal out this. Did you forget the PS1? Some games were released in 3 CD and I don't recall anybody dying over it. Take XBox live arcade games for example; they don't exceed 50MB which are HD. Did you beat cloning Clyde? Can you believe it's less than 50MB with hours of game play? Just because some games like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear which contain 80% CGI and 20% game play take more than 9GB it does not mean every other game have to. Besides games like Metal Gear and Final Fantasy have a linear story line which is why switching CDs on the PS1 was never a problem.

Marriot VP5385d ago

THIS WON'T HAPPEN, first of all. All that will happen is for the few games over 9gbs will be shipped with 2 discs and you have the option to download those couple extra gigs onto your harddrive so you'd only use one disc. That's how it's gonna be. Bigger hard drive might be release but HD-DVD will never be required.

Bill Gates5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

For Gods sake you LOSER wake tha fu(k UP!!!!
This will happen, it’s only a matter of time you moron. The only reason why M$ released with only DVD is because HD-DVD wasn’t ready, and they knew they had to be out before Sony and Wii or they would not stand a chance at all.

"All that will happen is for the few games over 9gbs will be shipped with 2 discs and you have the option to download those couple extra gigs onto your harddrive so you'd only use one disc."

what happens to those people that purchased the "core" with no harddrive you idiot?
It’s only a matter of time before M$ fanboys start to wake up and realize that M$ screwed them big time.
The games that M$ will be competing with Sony WILL require more media space, and they are realizing that. In the end Sony has the better overall package you idiot….yes I said it, you and every other ignorant M$ fanboy are idiots.

”Microsoft's high-end Xbox 360 is $399 and PlayStation 3 has newer and more expensive tech. I'm not even speaking about the Blu-ray drive (yet); I'm referring to everything else, from the low-yielding Cell processor to an HDMI port, built-in Bluetooth, slots for memory devices, and a much bigger hard drive. That stuff adds up. I'd be willing to wager that it's a lot more, but let's pretend all of this amounts to a mere $100 more than your high-end 360, which I doubt. You're talking $500 and you haven't even considered the Blu-ray drive.”

M$ fu(ked up, plain and simple. They have had all this time and have done nothing to take advantage of it. And now Sony will begin their advertising campaigns very soon and will have the whole package right out of the box.

I think it's almost time for you LOSERS to "Jump out" very soon.

Marriot VP5385d ago

Do me a favor and take your fanboyism somewhere else. You didn't give me any kind of reason to think that MS will make HD-DVD required. I've lost count on how many times they've denied it. It's not practical by any means.

Take your headless rants elsewhere because you can't give me one good reason why they would have to require a HDDVD when all they would have to do is ship a bigger hard drive if things got really bad. Nobody's gonna use all of those features Sony's shipping. Most won't and most don't care. Your extremist tech view is insignificant.

shoota335385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

Dont hate because ps3 has way more features than your old tech nothing new xbox 360.Stop trying to play it off saying no one is going to use the ps3's features just because you are jealous xbox 360 does not have the features BUILT IN or at all and not some pathetic add ons.

Bill Gates5385d ago

"All that will happen is for the few games over 9gbs will be shipped with 2 discs and you have the option to download those couple extra gigs onto your harddrive so you'd only use one disc."

what happens to those people that purchased the "core" with no harddrive you idiot?

M$ is forcing people to by things outside of the box just to rip people off. wake up moron.

thetruth5385d ago

Since your in the mood to impersonate Bill Gates, why do you always speak in the 3rd person? MS is gonna do this and that. Shouldnt you say that "WE" are gonna do this and that. Atleast play along with yourself.

PittzBlitz20035385d ago

And how many times did Sony deny the delay for the PS3. Just because Microsoft has been denying it, doesn't mean its not possible.

Thugbot1875385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

Bill Gates, for one your language shows your ignorance in general but we won’t go there. Blue Ray Media is going at $19.99 to $40.39 per disk. You can get DVD media for what $1 or less per disk. If you have read anything about HD-DVD it has the same manufacturing process as DVD insuring that it will be a low cost to us the consumers, buying into the whole new Blu-Ray. Next looking at the players, the HD-DVD is reporting better quality then the mighty Blu-Ray showing at 1080p. So can since you seem to be so smart can you tell us why Blu-Ray is a better deal?

Farther more let’s take the hypothetical approach that Microsoft may need to put games on HD-DVD. HD-DVD media is already a low cost in price so consumers won’t have to pay near as much as what it cost to play on Blu-Ray. Next I don’t see the problem with having games on multiple DVD’s? Can you explain why it’s so hard to get up from your chair and put in a new DVD? I can see if the game isn’t going to linear like Final Fantasy, but most large games will be. Farther more the ever falling price and increasing size of hard-drives will negate paying extra money for a Blu-Ray game.

As for an overall look what if Blu-Ray fails? Then Sony is stuck manufacturing Blu-Ray games and that means no cost savings for consumers. So why is Blu-Ray so important for Sony.

What difference does it make by that time the price of the drive and the system will have dropped, still making the 360 a better priced machine. So let’s say Blu Ray fails, then what? Sony is stuck making games on Blue Ray media which can be costly to both Sony and the consumer which is you.

So why is Sony trying so hard to push a format that cost more money to us consumers? Can Blu-Ray be that needed in our homes? Well for one if you follow technology trends you will know Sony hasn’t been doing good for some time now. They have lost hardware dominance from increased competition in televisions, music players, ect. Its once land mark Walkman players, but lost the digital music market to Apple’s iPod (Hints the campaign to go after people downloading music.) They lost the last DVD format war to Toshiba loosing them royalties paid from the technology. So now Sony answers is to create a false need for consumers by bundling Blu-Ray into a gamming console saying it’s the next needed format. Sounds like a back road to get money from people. Its bad enough we have to pay 16 dollars for a music CD from Sony. But I guess you aren’t reading the news and the facts.

Let’s take a look at HD TV’s. The market penetration is around 9% to 11%. So what does this mean? Well simply put most of your homes have a standard TV so 1080p and HDMI don’t mean anything. Next the majority of those who have a HD TV only have ones that output 720p. If you don’t believe it look how huge the form of complaints were for Dead Rising because people were playing on standard TV’s but couldn’t read the Text because it required HD TV.
The PS3 has great specs but if it’s too hard and costly and has poor market penetration, developers won’t want to develop for it. Which means less games and at the end of the day isn’t that why we buy these over priced systems? I don’t know about you but the games matter to me, I’m a true gamer first and foremost.

Shadow Flare5385d ago

Bill Gates, your comment 4.1 is possibly the best comment ive read on this site and its EXACTLY how i feel too

You'd have to be a fool to think ms wont bring out HD-DVD games in the future. Just wait and see

I wish people would see how much ms has screwed them over

Sonys never screwed me in a big way

The delays? So what? Its made the ps3 better

No rumble? That sux but so what

The price? It is quite a bit of money but at least i know im paying for a fantastic console with 'quality' written all over it

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Asuka5385d ago

i don't plan on getting the HD-DVD add on, i hope they don't make games that require it.

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