The Top 7 Controversies Waiting to Happen: Sex, Murder, Animal abuse & More

Sex! Murder! Godless blasphemy and animal abuse! How could the media possibly miss these button-pushing games?

Posturing politicians and clueless news anchors love to sensationalize the obvious stuff - Super Columbine RPG, Ethnic Cleansing, JFK Reloaded, etc - games with seriously shocking titles but no real fans or audience (until the media shines the spotlight on them, anyway). Meanwhile, the truly offensive and dangerous material is slipping right under their noses in the most popular and commercial products.

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MK_Red4151d ago

Well, of all the titles in that list, NARC is the one that unbelievably missed the buzz and controversy it could get (Considering the subject and the Arcade NARC).

Fable, while being an M rated and mature game has a look and visual theme that most of those stupid anti-gamers don't suspect.
Those porn Japanese games are... well japanes and only in Japan.
Finally, Shin Migami Tensei games have such long names that those attention seeking whores like Jack Thompson won't even consider.

djt234151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )

i ac.. play Japaneses porn game it was not that bad mate of fact i didnt understand it i was just click stuff

art style
and other was really good

i never play Shin Megami Tensei games nut when i read it make me want to play it

PS360WII4151d ago

heck yea glad Shin Megami Tensei made the list. I love that series

MK_Red4151d ago

Same here. SMT are among the few big RPGs that I have full collection of.

SMT and Parasite Eve are the only true adult and M rated J-RPGs that were ever created as far as I know (Excluding the import titles).

Jdoki4151d ago

Ah, Parasite Eve, what good memories!! Thanks for reminding me of that series, would be nice to see it on PS3 or 360.

Phantom_Lee4151d ago

I love Shin Megami Tensei!!!!!!!!...............a nd that picture!!!!!!!!!!!!........... ......what.....

XxZxX4151d ago

Pokemon?? pit fighting like micheal vick? Pokemon does not fight to the death or nor having the ability to execute them. What's the controversy about? Gameradar need to grow a brain.

Itachi4151d ago

One of the greatest games of all time excellent and i recommend it to anyone

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