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Game Informer: Gran Turismo 5 Review

Game Informer wasn’t blown away by every aspect of the game, but overall it’s easy to see the sheer amount of effort and craftsmanship that went into the game. This is a racing experience that racing fans should not miss.

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Community3953d ago
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Game-ur3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

I'm going to use manual gears for the first time in any racer I played, my friends are pros and I don’t want to lag too far behind.

Rampant3953d ago Show
TheBlackSmoke3953d ago

@ rampant

Are you lost? seems your in the wrong article.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3953d ago

*Looks at the 9/10*

*Looks at kinect reviews*


*Puts on glasses and looks again*

Am I missing something?

AAACE53953d ago

To get the best experience from GT 5, you better get the wheel, so your friends don't have much of an advantage over you! If you are a serious racer... especially for a GT game... the wheel is a must!

Chimerhazzard3953d ago

@ Rampant

The PS3 doesn't need rescuing.

Rampant3953d ago

What does the 9/10 have to do with gt5s metacritic score. Dance Central got above 9/10 from Gameinformer.

PSFan1003953d ago

Yeah, let's all listen to reviewers, the same people who when previewed the game started crashing into walls and driving backwards (Y)

jony_dols3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

If the reviewer(s) doesn't use a 3d tv or a decent steering wheel, then their review is incomplete. Its like a reviewer writing a Halo Reach review and only playing the single player campaign.

Fortunately I have GT5,3D & a G27. It is unparalleled by any other game I have ever played. I just tried playing it with the dualshock & in 2D a few minutes ago and it such a step down, I couldn't believe it was the same game. It goes from a 9.5 down to an 8 when its extra features are removed.

If you have the money and you are interested in cars and/or video games, I would strongly advise you to invest.

StanRaimondi3953d ago


really dude really is that the best that you can come up with. That it has the same score as a kinect game and alan wake so the playstation needs saving. Its obvious which system you prefer cause its clear that you have no idea about the line up the PlayStation has and whats coming.

XabiTheHumble3953d ago

Destroy his bubble count, thats the only way losers like him learn.

ShinMaster3953d ago

You have to understand that 360 Kinect game are rated with much lower standards.

The Lazy One3953d ago

@ jony

yea... he should review it for the 1% of the population with enough money to buy a brand new 3d HDTV and a racing wheel instead of the 99% of the population that's going to be playing it like a normal person...

Scary693953d ago

Now this is a F'ing review not like the IGNorant fools who I swear no nothing about good gaming.

jony_dols3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

@ The Lazy One: Polyphony spent time & money implementing steering wheel support & 3D features in GT5.

Not everyone that owns a PS3 or an Xbox 360 plays online,
why then do a lot of reviewers spend over 50% of their time reviewing the multiplayer online aspects of the game?

If a review is supposed to cover all features available in a game, then why leave important aspects that heavily affect gameplay and experience.

Obviously judging by the agrees and disagrees on my previous comment, there is far more people who are playing GT in 3D & with a steering wheel than your random guess of 1%.

Unfortunately I can never afford a Buggati Veyron,
but GT5 in 3D, is the closest I'll ever get to it.
Try 3D at home before you bash it.

The Lazy One3953d ago

@ jony
I'm not bashing 3d. I'm saying it doesn't make sense to review for the 1% of people who will have hardware nobody else will have access to.

jony_dols3953d ago

GTs are slow burner sellers,
GT3 sold over 14.5 million copies over it's lifetime on the the PS2. GT5 will continue to sell till whenever GT6 comes out.

By the GT6 comes out 3D will probably be as standard, so every gamer can afford it. So gaming sites (who can afford it) should review it in 3D, so in a year or 2's time people can see whether if it is worth getting GT5 for it's 3D aspects.

The large gaming sites (i.e. IGN,Gamespot,Gametrailers ect.) make massive profits every year. They can easily afford to purchase a 3D TV's for reviewers.

Reviewing GT5 in 3D isn't just a benefit for people who bought into it early, it's for people new to the technology a year down the line.

Dee_913953d ago

guess my copy will be here monday

elmaton983952d ago

If I were a gaming reviewer ill give this game a perfect 10/10 why because is my first gran turismo game and I'm loving it (I was a cod fan) but now I can play this game all day and the multiplay is awesome, I don't know why these other sites give it a lower score when this game is a hell of a lot of fun. Get the game first and then criticize it. ( sorry if my English is bad)

evrfighter3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

"If I were a gaming reviewer ill give this game a perfect 10/10 why because is my first gran turismo game and I'm loving it "

what if you were a reviewer that played it 5 times before (including prologue)...

elmaton983952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

Good point you got there and to be honest I don't care at they review the game after 5 or 6 years instead one every year like forza or halo or maybe cod.

They might not like the game since nowadays people only love shooter games in the Americas but still gran turismo is back and that all that matters my score 11/10

trancefreak3952d ago

Isnt there an Official GT5 steering wheel ? I must google for it!

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Tapewurm3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Will pick my copy up in about an hour :) Can't wait......I am having a little Deja Vu feeling from when I grabbed my very first dual shock controller and the 1st Gran Turismo so long ago,......was blown away....sure it will be the same today :) ... As far as the reviews go....I wouldn't take any of them too seriously.....what you have to understand, especially regarding the Metacritic site, is that there are way too many $50 "Joe Shmoe : website-in-a-box" sites out there that effect the average score. This game will be amazing, it will sell well and fans (and those missing the MBMS-Zealot gene) will love it. What does MBMS mean? :) well the MB means's that for some Sony bias :)

KiLLUMiNATi_893953d ago

I don't get why people crying about 9/10. Last time I'd checked that's a very very good score. But this don't add up halo odst got a 9.25 and black ops same as gt5, that just tell you a story. But idc tho cause I'm sure as helll know ima enjoy this classic game.

rdgneoz33952d ago

Its more like people crying cause games that are buggy / glitchy as hell, or the devs drop day 1 DLC, or are like 5 hour games, get 9.5s and 10s.

PirateThom3953d ago

Anyone worried?

Yeah, all you need to know is that it's Gran Turismo. I'm playing it now and I am loving it. If you love Gran Turismo, you will love this.

Pennywise3953d ago

I'm worried. Worried that I didn't preorder and they might not have stock during lunch :P

3953d ago
acedoh3953d ago

Batsmoke you may be right in your trolling ways. People who have never played a Gran Turismo game may be disappointed because they were expecting more action and crashes. Although you are not accounting for the over 10 million GT fans that are going to love this game because it's true to the series.

fooltheman3953d ago

lunch? ^^ funny mistake
where you hungry when writing this?

Nitrowolf23953d ago

Sadly i have to wait till after college, thinking of skipping Film class just to pick this up. Pretty much sums it up Pirate. No way is the game a fail, If you love GT games you will most likely love this.

squelchy153953d ago

I have to wait till Saturday :(

My Girlfriend preordered it but I aint seeing her till then..

And when I do see her...We have to go to some family bullshit which gives me an even longer delay...Baaaad times.

Shane Kim3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Give her a quicky and then off to the game!!!

Sarcasm3953d ago

If you're a car enthusiast you will love GT5.

If you're a 15 year old fan kid who doesn't know a damn thing about cars, you will love Forza 3's rewind.

acedoh3953d ago

Exactly and it's not just 15 year olds... Racing enthusiasts can be any age. I fell in love with this game when it first released in 1997. I think the same can be true for people of any age who have a true love of cars. Now the people who think putting a loud muffler on a Honda with 110 hp can stick with Forza.

soundslike3953d ago

I was around 15 when I played GT3 a-spec

and I didn't whine and complain about how hard it was

but todays kidz with tha textin' and tha jelloooooo

(bill cosby)

bailoutbenny3953d ago

I'm a car enthusiast and I hate GT5 and Forza 3. I prefer real driving to either of the horribly unrealistic simulators. Current video games just can not do justice to actual racing, which is why I prefer arcade racers to simulators.

Marquis_de_Sade3953d ago

The insecurity on show is ridiculous. Let the game do the talking, we don't need you here attempting to patronise Forza fans.

baodeus3953d ago

GT5 is good, but seriously, you don't have to use rewind option if you don't want to. Just slam straight into a wall (with all helper turn off) and see if you can continue on racing. Seriously dude, don't need more trash talking back and forth.

Both game are good racing sim. And i don't think you are anymore mature then the 15 year old kid either. If you are around 30 or so, you definetly need to grow up faster man.

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TheBlackSmoke3953d ago

I got word that my copy wont arrive until tommorow :(

All I know is the game is going to be phenomenal, I managed to bag a g25 wheel for £60 just for this game. so excited.

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xtheownerzx3953d ago

gameinformer gave it a 9 oh god the world is over.

Information Minister3953d ago

Why? I'm 4 hours into the game and that's the score I would give it so far. I've seen some 8.5 scores and, while I don't agree with them, I respect them. Anything below that is disgustingly unfair and reveals double standards considering the free pass that seems to be conceded to other franchises.

The fact is that GT5 isn't a game for your average gamer and not everyone will like it. It's a game for car lovers.

IRetrouk3953d ago

i agree, have been playing it since half 9 this morning, still not even seen a fraction of what the game offers, all i can say is if you are a gt fan then this is what you have been waiting for.

Kon_Artist 3953d ago

Ya. bots are gana cancel their gi mags. and all their reviews of ps3 games will be biased

3953d ago Replies(1)
dkblackhawk503953d ago

That is a great review, games are rarely perfect so I think a 9.5/10 would have been more adjustable.

T9X693953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

You obviously don't get Gameinformer in the mail. They hand out 9's like it's nothing. Dead Rising 2 got a 9, Saints Row 2 got a 9, Fable 3 a 9, The Sims 3 a 9, DJ Hero 2 a 9.5, PE Soccer 2011 a 9, Rockband 3 a 9.25. Not saying not one of those games deserves those scores, but a high score from GI isn't really saying much. Unless they gave it a 10, because i can't think of a game off the top of my head Gameinformer gave a 10 to.

@Cloudberry - You would be correct, I just checked. My main point, is when he said this

"games are rarely perfect"

So if he's assuming the game is or nearly perfect because of the 9, he might be disappointed as GI hands out 9's a lot.

Cloudberry3953d ago

Game Informer gave God Of War III a perfect 10 / 10.

JacobIsHollywood3953d ago

God of War III is the most epic thing ever made. It deserved 10's across the board.

nycredude3953d ago


You just owned this idiot T9X69. So I guess if GI gives out 9 nice crazy and Forza 3 only was able to get an 8.5 then it must be shit. Right T9X69? That IS your logic here with your trolling right?

MrAwesome3953d ago

Actually...Dead Rising 2 got a 9.5,also this year StarCraft 2 got a 10, last year only Uncharted 2 got a 10 and the year before that GTA4 & MGS4 got a 10.(If I remember correctly)

EskiJoe3953d ago

I dont think you know this, but.... you're a troll. Just wanted to let you know

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