MediaKick Review: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Back in a lecture over four years ago, a fellow student showed me a video that would amaze me beyond belief. Loading up YouTube, which was still very much in it’s infancy then, we waited for the agonisingly slow connection to ready the video. Then, having clicked play, we watched as Altair leapt across rooftops, scaled buildings and fled from pursuers. It was the game of dreams; one that incorporated highly athletic parkour with such freedom and precision wrapped in a fantastic world and setting. Despite the mixed reaction to Altair’s adventure, the attitude towards Ezio in part two was far more favourable – with the game even being nominated in several game of the year categories. Although Brotherhood may be one of those direct-sequels-in-story-but-no t-in-name scenarios it certainly is a stellar sequel certain to nominated yet again.

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