'Piracy pay fine' plans underway at CD Projekt

Developer CD Projekt is preparing a new aggressive assault on illicit filesharers, with plans to send payment fines through the post to players believed to be illegally downloading its upcoming game.

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conswella3860d ago

I always thought they should do it something like this, not charge 3 million dollars. is it worth that much? no. is it worth maybe $70-80? yes.

as long as they do not charge 400%, thats still not fare.
i would not mind being charged a 10 dollar convieniance fee getting the game where i please.

if they charge too much, then again, no one will pay and it will be pirated again.

3860d ago
Motion3860d ago

While I do respect CD Projekt and think that people should buy their games, I don't see the logistics in this plan. Maybe if I read more about it. They could send you a fine/bill, sure. But what obligations do you have to pay it? They'll threaten with legal actions, but I'd imagine these actions would be the exact same as the current ones in place for game piracy. Seems more of a scare tactic than any kind of solution.

Xfanboy3860d ago

Buy it legally!!!!!!!!!!!