PS3 owners petition Activision for Black Ops refund

A growing numbers of consumers are signing a petition demanding a full refund for those who bought the 'inferior' PS3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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Game-ur4961d ago

Kids, next time look before you jump.

FarEastOrient4961d ago

The devil Kotick doesn't care, he has your money now and already ran to the bank with it.

AAACE54961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

It would not be wise to persue this action!

Going after something like this could either result in Activision taking Ps3 owners seriously and putting more effort into making games for it. Or, just cancelling further CoD games for Ps3!

It's apparant that Activision and MS have something going on, which is why they allowed them to post an ad saying "Black Ops plays best on 360!"

No matter how you feel about CoD games, you do not want CoD games to be exclusive to 360... Trust me!

Chubear4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

Ever since COD4 it's been down hill. Every year you see Activision have found a cash cow and are milking it for all it's worth.

You see they cut big corners to maximize profit on the game. They don't bring out proper sequels but just updates to their sequels and every year the online has issues and every year you still give them record sales.

Activision already showed you the direction they were going after COD4 and you all support them year after year so tell me, why would they all of a sudden change and bring out a true high quality product when you keep paying for the slop they feed you?

But other games like MAG that actually have a dedicated team constantly improving it and with way less issues than MWs, that gets put to the side. Games like KZ2 (a far higher quality game) will sell 3million units on the PS3 while MW games sell over 6mill on the same PS3.

You've made your voices loud and clear to these developers which is: "don't push the envelop, no need to bring out the very best product you can. Just give us games that make us feel like uber gamers with nice graphics and hype marketing cause these what we respond to"

All of you complaining about MW:BO and bought it, you all need to STFU about Bobby K and Activision. You love their product and give them record breaking sales year after year and then you want to complain and call them evil year after year too?

STFU MW gamers, you're all full of sh*t.

Zydake4961d ago

I just played it a while ago at a friends house and I don't see the big problem. Sure the graphics look like CoD3 but gameplay is great. I love the zombies

-Alpha4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )


If you played the game/understood the complaints you'd know it has nothing to do with dedication. TA has actually been really supportive with patches and requests, but you wouldn't know that if you haven't played the game. Comparing them to an exclusive game like MAG isn't fair and you know it. The game is on 4 platforms and they aren't all the same.

The game is by no means bad, so stop making a strawman here. It's just that the PS3 version is inferior and people are upset.

The biggest issue for me is the lack of dual-log in. People asking for a refund are being stupid, they were aware of the game's features before it released.

However, a petition for TA to treat us equally deserves support.

arjman4961d ago

"STFU MW gamers, you're all full of sh*t."

Ok thats a bit harsh isn't it. Not every person who plays CoD is full of sh*t, I appreciate the awesome games on any system (eg. Uncharted 2, Gears)...Not bad for a MW gamer right?

DirtyLary4961d ago

Does the PS3 version have the low res textures like the 360 version has?

Least in BC2, the ps3 version has higher quality trees and graphics compared to the xbox version.

AngryTypingGuy4961d ago

What a bunch of entitled babies. Cry me a river. There is a certain segment of the PS3 fan base that cries over everything. People writing petitions, threatening to kill themselves if Final Fantasy doesn't remain exclusive to Sony, and now this.

Not that the gaming community in general aren't whiny losers (let's face, half the people reading this are pimply faced emo losers who will remain virgins for life), but the Sony fanboys are clearly worse.

DirtyLary4961d ago

You mean segment of gamers in general, doesn't matter which console they are on.

AngryTypingGuy4961d ago

DirtyLary, did you stop reading after my first paragraph?

InfectedDK4961d ago

I'm playing CoD BO on my PS3 and it's running smooth.
The graphics could have been done better and there are some bugs here and there. So next time I'll skip CoD and buy Medal of Honor. In fact I might buy the new Medal of Honor also. However I'm very satisfied with the game as it is right now. Great gameplay and a lot of fun! My money on this game is acceptable. Maybe it's because I'm not using my time watching whatever comparison trailers and pictures and just enjoying the game instead. I'm not even thinking about the graphics being a bit better on the 360. However I do agree that the PS3 can perfom a lot better. Well maybe we'll see that in some coming PS3 exclusives like Killzone 3 or Resistance 3. GT5 looks absolutely amazing! You cannot demand that one game is doing so much better than so many other games. Beloved great games will always get some hate also. Just play the game and enjoy it. I understand if some hardcore fps gamers are not happy with this situation though. So it's a bit complicated I see. In fact it's stupid that they did not make this game equal on both PS3 and 360. They pisses some people off.. Mostly hardcore gamers.

BattleAxe4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

These people must be stupid, the PS3 version has online split screen functionality which a couple of my friends use all the time. My complaint about the PS3 version is that the game is unstable when playing online. Its common to get booted out of a game, which makes it impossible to keep a party together for much more than two games in a row.

Its all good though, because I believe this will be my last CoD purchase unless they do something that really wows me. The thought of a subscription and/or micro transactions would ensure that I don't buy the next game especially when their latest entry called "Black Ops" performs like crap online.

JackBNimble4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

I don't see what the fuss is all about.

My wife rented BO for the kids and we all enjoy playing it. I haven't seen it on the 360 so I can't compare graphics or anything like that, but I can honestly say that the graphics seem pretty good to me on my 42' HD TV.

Split screen seems fine aswell, I don't know if you can go split/2player screen online with any other CoD game but you can with BO.

The only real glitch or problem that I have encounterd is the host losing conection while the game is loading resulting in an error ,this doesn't happen all that often.

I am very curious as to what features the XBOX has over the PS3 version (can anyone fill me in?) but my kids want me to buy this game ..... I haven't made up my mind yet. I guess it would depend on how badly the PS3 versions is getting shafted.

vickers5004961d ago

"Not that the gaming community in general aren't whiny losers (let's face, half the people reading this are pimply faced emo losers who will remain virgins for life)"

Oh please almighty AngryTypingGuy, tell us how we should live our lives. What is it like to bang 3 chicks at once while typing on n4g? How ever did you manage to learn how to type while getting laid? Can I have your autograph?

Everybody SHH!!! Lets all sit down while AngryTypingGuy tells people how to live their lives and how pathetic and inferior we all are in comparison to him, because obviously he knows what's better for us than we do.

AngryTypingGuy4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

Vickers, you're one of the guys that I'm talking about, aren't you? Did my comments hit a little too close to home? I can't think of another reason why you'd take them so personally.

"Oh please almighty AngryTypingGuy, tell us how we should live our lives." -- Start by not threatening to kill yourself because Final Fantasy is no longer a Sony exclusive. Also, don't get so emotional over posts on a video game messageboard.

Let me know when you want some more advice, kid.

vickers5004960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )


Lol, who exactly are you to go around telling people that they are losers? You're here too, spending time posting and even checking comments and replies and replying to those comments and replies, when you could be doing better things.

So why aren't you out getting laid and being the cool dude you see yourself as? You obviously think you're superior to everybody on this site.

If people want to competitively argue online then that's fine. Who are you to tell them that they are losers for it, because again, you are here too, so why don't you think before posting such hypocritical comments? I don't have a problem with the first paragraph of your comment, but it's the second one that's really full of sh*t and hypocrisy.

But I guess people such as yourself have their head so far up their own @ss that they actually believe that they are gods gift to man. Go on kiddo, keep telling us all how to live our lives, because the world does revolve around you and anyone who has a different opinion or tastes than you do is just a pathetic loser.

AngryTypingGuy4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

Vickers, when did I say that everyone who posts on here is a loser? It's fun to post on messageboards, and argue on them. But it's another thing to react in an over-emotional way, like you have. I'm convinced that you're one of the people I was talking about.

Sorry, but I just picture all of these whiny PS3 fans who write petitions and cry about everything to look and sound like this: http://tinyurl.com/CODcryba...

Not that there aren't 360 fans or fans of other consoles that whine and complain, but it just seems from what I read (both articles and comments) that PS3 fanboys are the worst.

Also, if you've been following the gaming industry for a while like I have, you know how finicky gamers are in general. They complain about EVERYTHING. They're so petty too. You can make a comment on here that's 100% accurate and backed up in fact, but you will get a lot of disagrees if it's pro 360 or anti-PS3, and sometimes the other way around. They are indeed whiny little losers who will never get laid! Period!

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raWfodog4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

Shouldn't have been in such a rush to buy it in the first place. A lot can be said for not being an early buyer. Sometimes it best to wait for the dust to settle and then see what's going on.


Exactly. This could had been avoided by following reviews and wait a little just to see owners reactions (and check if the reviews wasn't opnion from hyped up "journalist", paid up articles or people playing for only 4 hours).

There is the good sides of being an early adopter, but definely there is the down side of possibly getting totally burnt on the matter... Next time check rightly if the game really deserves the risk of a day one buy and if you happen to choose so and it isn't a good game, swallow it as a lesson, because asking a refund for something only makes sense if it's really broken (which, despite bugs, isn't the case) or it doesn't make what was advertised/is stated at the box.

Remember games cost more and more each generation so we all should get smarter if we want to be responsible with our money, the game will probably still be easy to find one month after release, no need to rush and if you really can't wait, rent it.

The uninformed costumer is exactly what those publishers making yearly releases count on to turn magnificient profits from minor upgrades, as far as we keep supporting it they will keep the crap going on. Whine won't save you, voting with your wallet maybe will.

WhittO4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

i wasnt going to buy cod but couldnt help it since it was cheap on amazon compared to the normal price and all the buzz so i jsut gave in hoping it would be a good game.

Have to say the only time in the entire game so far (about 2/3 through SP) where i thought "wow this is good" was the start menu! lol. Graphics are very POOR, game is the same as ever, thrills etc which the franchise sp relys on is in short demand or is a re-hash of what has already been done, yet not even as good.

I think the multiplayer is ok and like the wager matches, although getting some xp would be nice along with the money in them matches.
Well, the multiplayer would be nice if it worked anyway.

It took me and a m8 about 5 invites from him and 4 from me and about 10 min before it would put us in a party, then d/c us from party after being thrown out of our second match. It's isn't our internet connec either, I have 6mb/s unlimited download and 5mb/s upload speeds that should chomp through anything.

This game really feels like a cheap 3rd party game that was pushed out as fast as possible to cash in.

Imagine getting this level of gaming from a dev like Naughty Dog or Bungie! It just doesn't happen because they spend time to make their game the best possible.
And you can't really fully blame the devs, since it will be Activision pushing them to get the game done fast, you don't ever see Sony rushing unfinished games out, or even MS.

I won't be spending my money on a COD again, I said that about BO too but I've finally learnt not to buy into hype! Especially since alot of IW members "left", can't imagine the wreck of a game the next one will be if they push it out for release next year!!

Jinxstar4961d ago

i hear ya. I refused to buy it for myself but bought it for someone for Xmas... I didn't want to support acti but it's what they wanted... I have a feeling I will be getting it as well for Xmas but who knows...

v0rt3x4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

lol whitto - read your last paragraph again and give that a thought again :P funny

xAlmostPro4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

im sorry.. although i dont agree with the petition as such..

you cant say things like "shouldn't have rushed to buy it" etc.

When theres so much hype for it, and even the developers saying it wont be inferior before launch etc. then you can expect people to be angry.. because they've basically been 'lied to'..

not only that you CAN call it un-fair, when there was clearly more effort and time gone into the 360 version, im aware they have a deal with microsoft but thats for timed exclusive DLC and exclusive advertising, not to make other versions sh*t..

even the PC version is overloaded with issues.

Not only this, recent patches for the ps3 version decreased the lag and made the overall performance better, which is great. But they also had the bad party system, bad matchmaking, choosing bad hosts etc as issues that 'were' fixed under that patch.. even though they were not fixed.. now on the forums treyarch have them listed as "fixed".. so basically we're stuck with a broken game?..

that to me sounds un-fair, and has nothing to do with rushing out to buy it etc. You like a franchise the new game is being released so you get it.. ohh it has some issues, ohh they're patching them GREAT!..you wait a week and they dont actually patch them.. thats BS

Developers need to get out of microsofts ass

Now i wouldn't go as far to say i want my whole money back, because despite the issues i'll continue to play it for awhile longer..and hopefully they'll actually get patched soon or i will have to stop playing, you can only put up with getting kicked from your party 7 times in a row for so long.

However some sort of incentive would be nice.. for the fact that we as fans of the franchise have paid for a broken game that after 2 weeks still hasn't been fixed. I dont know, maybe thoe WaW zombie maps for free, or something like that or even for treyarch to dedicate some time specifically for fixing the ps3 version.

PotatoClock4961d ago

Free maps and Activision don't go together.

I don't think you can call any of this disappointment to do with BO unfair. They lied about it being a quality product yes, but when they keep releasing the same game with a massive amount of bugs each and every year you should LEARN from that and if you decide to buy it no matter what then expect that amount of mess.

When people buy the game regardless of wether they were disappointed with the last one or not and now whine about it saying their unfairly treated then us people who sit on the other side of the fence, having learned a long time ago not to buy COD, can't feel sorry at all for their whining.