The Weekly Gamage: Microsoft Hates Us

Club Skill has posted the final article in their "Hates Us" series, and this time it is all about Microsoft.

"I'm disgruntled with Sony, I've been annoyed by Nintendo, but Microsoft is the only one of the big three that has truly pissed me off. My experience with my 360 has been more or less akin to that of being a beaten wife in denial. I recently got a new 360 after sending mine away for repair and, instead of being able to enjoy it, I'm freaked that it'll break again. I might as well just break it myself to milk my warrenty."

Read the full story for all of the downsides of buying from Microsoft...

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omansteveo5384d ago

He afarid he'll break it again heres a thought DONT!

5384d ago
Balance5384d ago

i thought this was a NEWS site that people could then post their opinion. not an opinion site. so if i complain about my personal interactions with gamestop/ebgames and my bad experiences with those places that is news?

Lex Luthor5384d ago

Spot on... it would be pointless for me to post a 10 page article about how i got screwed over by sony.... I'M ON MY 3RD PS2!!!

T-Rac5384d ago

whys it pointless, why dont you write your 10 page article id bet it would be a good read, I mean theres nothing better than reading the bad points of a company from someone who actually likes the product......

AIan5384d ago

YEA THIS NEEDED TO BE POSTED..... stupid article

T-Rac5384d ago

well I personally thought it was a good read, and considering im kind off an MS fanboy I really don't see a problem with some of the points....

whats more companys like IGN do features like this and they get posted without a bad word said against them?

Sphinx5384d ago

...I have been, semi-rightfully, accused of being a XBOX fanboy, and I like to add a little yin to my yang everyone now and then by reading articles or talking to people who are opposite my views. For instance, I don't believe in evolution, yet I find their rationalizing interesting; DC comics is better than Marvel, but my wife loves Spiderman, etc. I liked this article, who cares if it was opinion? At least they didn't try to pass it off as factual information, or anything other than opinion. Don't read it if you don't want to.

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The story is too old to be commented.