After Waiting For Five Years, Gran Turismo 5 Isn't Looking So Hot Right Now

Or is it? Gran Turismo 4 released on February 22 2005. That's 5 years from now as Gran Turismo 5 is scheduled for release today. So, how has 5 years treated the game? Not so hot, you say.

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Call_me_Ishmael3865d ago

i still am looking forward to it

Jaybad543865d ago

Played it for about 3 hours last night and loved it. Definitely think you need a wheel to get the most out of it though

nix3865d ago

tell that to people who've been ordering wheels just to play this game... a bit too early to judge, my friend.

media733865d ago

Have you got the offical GT wheel? how do you change the 900 degrees turning to say 200?

Jaybad543865d ago

Not sure how to change the settings from 900 to 200, im happy with how it is. But there are a load of settings I did tinker with under the wheel settings (in the options menu)

karl3865d ago

GT5 looks so hot right now...

Scary693864d ago

WTF are all these ridiculous sites coming from. I wish they would stop approving junk like this.

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Moentjers3865d ago

and I need sleep after my first session...

RememberThe3573865d ago

I really think people expected this game to be something else. The only thing I read that is disappointing is that he AI might be crap. All the other stuff seems like fluff.

(God, I'm in defense mode, I need to go smoke)

RememberThe3573865d ago

Actually I was gonna go with this:
and this

I'm fixin to chill :)

T9X693865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

From what I'm gathering on the reviews, it just seems GT5 isn't really anything new in terms of GT. Sure there are awesome features like weather, Go Karts, and Nascar, but it seems to be the same old GT. Also the premium cars seem to look fantastic, but when you have a standard car next to it, it's like comparing a PS2 game to a PS3 game. The damage just seems like a huge disappointment as people been waiting for it, and it's barely even noticeable and somewhat laughable, along with bad AI and some frame rate issues.

I just think the hype was to high for it's own good to be honest.

@Nihilism - TBH I think the fan hyped GT5 more than Sony did. Sony had a few ads for it, but never said anything crazy like the fans did.

Animal Mutha 763865d ago


I agree with you. I think that the hype has over promised on this game and PolyPhony's ideas were greater than the PS3 can manage. The load times are not great and all of IGN's comments about textures, framerate, standard cars, damage and AI are all correct.

I think the consoles memory and RSX is holding PP dreams back. They have concentrated on the premium cars detail so much that the trackside textures and framerate suffers. The RSX isn't that great in the scheme of things and even with the mighty SPU help it all still has to go through the frame buffer of the RSX. Framerate in a racing game is everything especially when coupled with slick netcode for onlime racing.

Is it better to have a steady smooth framerate (as per the competition)with a few less cars and a lower render output or to have near 1080P res and high poly models with frame rate issues and no V-sync tearing??? There has to be a balance on all consoles as they are limited by memory, bandwidth and pixel throughput. I think PP might have got the balance here wrong.

Just my opinion folks. If you disagree pls say why. I am trying to be balanced. I own both consoles and both racing games FM3. GT5 is good. Very good - but not the all powerful god of racing that we were led to believe.

Nihilism3865d ago


Let's not forget the bumper car damage model. I thought it was supposed to be the best around?

GRID and Dirt 2 still have that crown...

PS3 fanboys can't even be blamed for the hype, Sony themselves, Polyphonic, the media, they all said it was Jesus Mark 2...

Nothing like a good exclusive flop... *I'm thinking of all the times PS3 owners said these things about Alan Wake, ME2, Fable 3, Forza 3*

There's really no defending it. Just soak it up and learn humility.

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militant073865d ago

graphic is also dissapinted

i know it still the best looking racing game but far from what i have seen in pics

and I bought new LED TV 2 days ago just to see the game in its glory!

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Igneel3865d ago

GT5 reminds me of Alan Wake all over Again. Good Game that was Way too Overhyped by the PRs and Fanboys.

If you have a PS3 go pick it up though. Great game.

RememberThe3573865d ago

Same goes for Alan Wake. If you have a 360 go pick it up. Great game.

gaden_malak3865d ago

I am part way through Alan Wake. I kinda hate Alan's character design, I wanna punch him in the face, but it is a good game.

3865d ago
militant073865d ago

i like alan wake desgin. fit him perfectly as a normal man and a writer not a super hero!

elmaton983865d ago

What is Alan wake anyway, is nothing compare to GT5, all I know and all I care is that I'm getting my copy today and ill enjoy it to the fullest.

IRetrouk3865d ago

55 seconds so its says, gona be playing this in mere seconds.

ChilliDemon3865d ago

LOL. When I saw the '55 seconds to go' I ended up playing it in mere MINUTES!

IRetrouk3865d ago

just found that out lol.

Shadow Flare3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

My ones actually hanging at the 50 second mark right now. It's been stuck there for about 5 minutes so far lol

-- oop, yep there we go. 50 seconds my ass that was more like 15 minutes. Later peeps

Oh great now it's stuck at 3 seconds remaining

hatchimatchi3865d ago

mine has been at the 4 minute mark for about 20 minutes, lol. I played a few courses in arcade mode though before installing it. So awesome, racing at night is intense!

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