Gran Turismo 5: the critics like it a lot, but don't quite love it

BeefJack: "No one yet, to my knowledge, has written that they hated Gran Turismo 5. Still, given how aggressively the hype train’s been chugging along its tracks, I’d wager that people were maybe expecting slightly higher results across the board."

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Igneel3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

have a good laugh. it's good for your health.

ryuzu3860d ago


What hype train? As has been pointed out, Sony has barely done any marketing for GT5. Any hype created has been down to people and their expectations.

Critics have chosen not to like GT5 because a) It's an easy hit-harvest for them and b) Sony haven't deployed the marketing budget in their direction.

None of that matters though, because the game is in people's hands, and just like the word of mouth generated the publicity, the word of mouth will generate the follow on sales too.


Dramscus3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

Which is generally how sony roll. Hopefully their saving their advertising budget for some new ip's that could use a push out the starting gate.
Successful series hardly need that kind of help, all it really does is help them if their not that great. Or it guarantees more first week sales.

I've noticed that sony is more interested in lifetime sales than first week, though first week are the ones that make headlines in america.
Good on them though, it's more progressive to think long term.

I've even noticed them marketing a few games that have been out for a while. Not a lot, just an extra advert for an exclusive here or there but it all goes to help.

Sony are such passive aggressive

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T9X693860d ago

Gran Turismo 5: the fans like it a lot, but don't quite love the reviews.

RememberThe3573860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

lol You that happened at least once. Maybe to all the people disagreeing :)

T9X693860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

I'm sure one person did that, but that picture is to funny to pass up. Why the guy under the table is wearing a mask is beyond me since the guy can't see him anyway, but still funny as hell.

@deadreckoning666 - Actually someone else here posted it first (don't remember who), but still it's a great pic.

RageAgainstTheMShine3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

T9X69 is all over this website and beyond doing what he does ..... wow!

ot: most gaming journalists if not all, are so tainted with politics& sensationalism they are so unreliable now unlike before.

now its all about the money & politics and gamers now need to rely on their instincts

all these negative creeps want are hits

deadreckoning6663860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

ROFL, nice find. Don't know why your getting disagrees T9X69. The only people who are irked by the reviews are people who want PS3 bragging rights. Fans made their minds up 5 years ago. As for me, I think ill give it a rental in a few weeks. If I like it, then ill buy it. I doubt ill fall in love with it like Black Bible did..but hey, anythings possible :)

EDIT: Just noticed the guy under the desk HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Priceless!

RememberThe3573860d ago

I expected more as well, but I'm not buying these reviews. They seem to nit pick things that they would let slide if Gran Turismo 5 wasn't on the cover of the game. I get this strange feeling that these guys didn't want to like the game.

Plus, they hadn't even played in online yet. How much of the online content is even up yet?

Simon_Brezhnev3860d ago

You know for a fact the media nit pick PS3 exclusives a lot more. Sony never gets a free pass lol. You know they didnt want to like the game lol.

Balt 3860d ago

In other words, they all needed one last stab at controversy before the end of the year. They all needed something to bring more hits about and spark turmoil. See, when sites do unexpected things, not unlike this one, it drives traffic from both sides out.

Sony's side in defense of their game
Xbox's side in it for the ribbing
Nintendo -- Who are they again?

This is a bunch of B.S. propaganda.

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