Gran Turismo 5 includes a surprise for your birthday

The recently released Playstation 3 exclusive racing game, Gran Turismo 5, includes a neat little surprise for your birthday.

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GoldPS33853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Yeah great but my b-day was in September. :(

nix3853d ago

December 31st. he he... but people don't believe me!

Ilikegames763853d ago

That's really a nice gift for all the GT5 gamers.

Rainstorm813853d ago

My bday was Nov 5th so maybe if GT5 dropped on the second this wouldve been great news...........Oh well getting mine at 8am

Pirateogta3853d ago

Sucks if your birthday is November 23.

Forbidden_Darkness3853d ago

Or it's today, but your not getting it in the mail until tomorrow... Lol. Im glad my birthday is December 1st =)

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The story is too old to be commented.