Cynamite: Gran Turismo 5 Review - Mega-hit or a big disappointment?

Cynamite: Caught in the snares of full HD video and photo-realistic car models, GT5 has lost sight of the essential things. Although it remains with the best controls and the most beautiful cars in the genre. Whether this outweighs the long list of deficiencies, everyone must decide for themselves.

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Igneel4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

''Cynamite: Gran Turismo 5 Review - Mega-hit or a big disappointment?''

Asking for hits obviously. They gave the game 8.5/10 That's pretty good. hmmm just read the conclusion and Dint really understand what he meant. That's why I dont like Translated articles.

Red_Orange_Juice4570d ago

face it GT5 reviews are sorely disappointing, Sony and Polyphony must be like "WTF?" now

Igneel4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

''face it GT5 reviews are sorely disappointing''

You can't please every Reviewers and Website but the Most important thing to ask yourself is

''Will the Fans love the game?''

I'm pretty sure the Answer is yes. There's tons of stuff to do in that game and Racing sim Fans will have enough to keep them occupied for a while. If the fans love the final product and buy the game I dont see why GT5 should be labaled as a disappointment.


PS360fanboy4570d ago

Word bro. Reviewers are not jizzing their pants as expected.

Red_Orange_Juice4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

I agree, im just saying, look how many 8/10 revews are here and people are complaining about the reviewers themself.

I'm definately satisfied with the game, I'll be playing it for years to come, I think it's better than Forza cos they had more time to make it. It's a different level.
I'm one of those who don't need a review to buy a game, I just know if I want or not and I do want GT5 on my shelf :).

But metacritc makes people go crazy about the scores, 5/6? how may % is that, is it going to make the average higher or lower? B+? wtf just make it in 100/100 scale so we can see the score and move on to the next one.

Sony and Polyphony may not me satisfied with the reviews but they will be with the sales.

ryuzu4570d ago

Disappointing reviews, yes, predictable reviews... yes.

I think there is a big backlash coming to professional review sites now. Other games they can get away with shoddy practice - but so many people are getting and have already got GT5 that the reviews will seem ludicrously bad to a lot of people.

RIP Gaming Journalism - 1985-2006


mikeslemonade4570d ago

This sucks! I guess God of War 3 will have to hold the pedestal for game of the year. Thanks a lot with the stupid lower review scores for GT5/

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Kareshi_X4570d ago

Translated articles can be a Pain sometimes.

UnwanteDreamz4570d ago

How many here calling it a disappointment have played it? You kids aren't gamers. You are a bunch of little attention whores. Go play a game and then judge.


Wakka_4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

Big disappointment

Metacritic score:
GT5 - 86
Forza 3 - 92 (AAA)

deadreckoning6664570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

It'll be a big dissapointment if your an irrational Sony fanboy. If ur a GT fanboy, you'd be playing GT5 online with the copy you probably already got hours ago and you wouldn't be on N4G engaging in verbal warfare.

@Omega4- Its not PD's fault. GT5 is probably fucking amazing if ur a driving sim fan...but the FANBOYS(not actual GT fans) overhyped it for no reason other than the fact that they felt threatened by Forza 3's critical acclaim. Its very easy to tell, who actually IS a racing sim fan and who isn't.

A diehard racing sim fan would have a 360 and PS3 and would have been playing Prolouge as well as Forza 3 in anticipation for GT5.

Even if you like racing sims and you ONLY play GT5, a TRUE GT fan would rather attempt to shave half a second on his lap time than come to N4G and hate on Forza 3.

@Homicide- I agree with that as well. I don't understand how the fanboys on this site praised GT5 as the most realistic driving sim out there...yet BURNOUT 3: TAKEDOWN has better damage effects than GT5. I'm sorry, but thats just the truth.

In a REAL race, if a car crashes at 90 MPH, its gunna get messed up, no if, ands or buts about it.

Homicide4570d ago

No, it's Yamauchi's fault for delaying the game for "perfection." If you're going to make us wait for several years for perfection, then gosh darn it, you better deliver.

RememberThe3574570d ago

@Homicide: I almost always disagree with you, but you have a point. I haven't been disappointed by the reviews, but the game is not the perfection he was claiming it was going to be.

Bolts4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

I already played the shit outta GT5P. I was expecting GT5 to take a step beyond that. Because of the perfection promise. Now I'm finding out that GT5 is just GT5P with more content, which isn't bad but it's not perfection. It is not THE racing sim with every feature checked out. What it does offer is the best looking racing game with the most content.

I'll tell you what though, when I'm showing off my system over the holidays I'll be using GT5 to do it.

UnwanteDreamz4570d ago

You seem to like the game but it's not perfect?

You guys bought the hype? Nothing is perfect You guys can't be this young.

DigitalAnalog4570d ago

For the Hardcore Sim players, this is the best it has to offer. For COD players in this sad sad generation, it's just too complex for them. There's always Forza and NF: Shift if it's too much for them.

-End of Line

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T9X694570d ago

I would say.

Fan = Mega Hit

Reviews = Big disappointment.

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Omega44570d ago

They just spend too much time on it, games that take over 5 years to complete after being announced don't seem to live up to their hype.

OneSneakyMofo4570d ago

Wow, Omega4. This is the first time you've actually given insight. I'd bubble you up if you weren't trolling all of the other GT5 threads. You get kudos though.

never_waste_a_bullet4570d ago

I don't think you have a ps3 and I don't think you you're looking to buy this game... so you must be trolling, and since you've commented on so many gt5 reviews so far...

zeksta4570d ago

Omega, You must have some amazingly narrow minded parents or friends, cause considering the way you turned out, i wouldn't be suprised if your Jewish and Racist.

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