TheGamersHub: Gran Turismo 5 Review

TheGamersHub: This is one racer that jumped the gun a little too early.

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Igneel4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

@ XziyadX

I'm not bashing you but You need to stop that Seriously. All your comments are going to get deleted for obvious trolling So doing this doesnt surve you as any real purpose.

Topic: Like I've said in another article , If you like Racing Sims and own a PS3 get the game because the number of content in the game is huge. It's the type of game that people will still play in 5 years easily unlike alot of Shooters where people just move on to the next best thing.

The Great N.Dragneel

T9X694571d ago

I played SOCOM 2 for 6 years :) but I agree with what your saying.

wissam4571d ago

You still alive. how was your cave.

Orionsangel4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

It's official the reviews are in. IGN's 8.5 put the last nail in GT5's coffin of hype. The overall consensus is that GT5 is a good racer with a lot of technical flaws. In other words it's another in a line of long awaited that titles this year that didn't live up to the hype.

I knew when Kazunori Yamauchi started back pedaling two weeks ago that the PS3 couldn't do justice to his vision. That the game was less than stellar. Kazunori Yamauchi knew it and he was preparing himself.

Which is probably true. At some point during development Kazunori Yamauchi vision got too big and the game started to fold under the pressure of his larger than life ambitions

The man thinks too big. In the end his vision came crashing down on him. His teamed tried it's best to put it all back together and were stalling for time, but eventually they had to let the Frankenstein monster go as is with the hope of patching it

aMadMan4571d ago

Are you going to play the game or not

FriedGoat4571d ago

Frankenstein is the doctor not the monster.

Orionsangel4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

I meant to put monster. Sue me! I fixed it.

Anyway! I'm buying GT5. I'm just being honest with myself. I'm not short on cash and haven't been saving money for years and getting my dreams crushed right now. Then posting in denial that everything is fine. It's the greatest game ever because you want to justify your 5 year wait. You're disappointed. I understand. I am too, but be honest with yourself.

Armyntt4571d ago

Even if it was 8.5. Who cares? Maybe the days of inflated scores for games like GTA are over. 8.5 is still a good score.

Skadoosh4571d ago

I been playing the best racer this gen in Forza 3 for a long time now....and you guys waited for this??? How sad.

aMadMan4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

What's sad is you're not actually playing Forza right now and instead you're trolling a game on a videogame site :D

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