METRO: Gran Turismo 5 Review

Metro: Fans are unlikely to be too disappointed, and the developer's automotive obsession is always evident, but this is definitely a refinement not a revolution.

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timmyrulz4574d ago


What that noise????

Oh its just GT5 flopping

digger184574d ago

It will still outsell most (if not all) games on the 360.

So, there will be no flopping in sales

socomnick4574d ago

This mediocre game wont outsell blackops on the ps3 it definetely wont outsell 360 games.

nnotdead4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

broing for life bro

T9X694574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

How is an 8 a flop? I can see people laughing because it's not getting the 10's everyone expected, but seriously 8 is not a flop.

EDIT: I understand what you're saying, and I agree, but still. An 8 isn't a flop, shit talking or not.

DeathMetal4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

" I can people laughing because it's not getting the 10's Sony Fanboys expected, but seriously 8 is not a flop."


So much shit talking forza sucks, looks better than crysis
Pc couldn't run it. PS3 fanboys to blame they talk too much.

baodeus4574d ago


exactly. It is not like GT5 is bad (GT5 and Forza are the best sim game around), well the fanboy just make it more than it suppose to be (remember better than real life photos?)

xAlmostPro4574d ago

like the abox 360 in general? :] enjoy waving at the TV for the next 3 years

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Light Yagami4574d ago

Forza 3 delivers GT5 a knockout punch, scott pilgrim style!

xAlmostPro4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

because it scored higher? honestly doesn' make it better

Marquis_de_Sade4574d ago

Much as these trolls annoy, I suppose after having GT5 rammed down their faces non stop by fanboys in the build up, it was inevitable this would happen should scores not live up to it.

VenomProject4574d ago

8-10 is the sweet-spot for gaming scores.

I really don't see why all the Xbots have boners, nothing is "OMGZ TEH FLOPPING!"

PirateThom4574d ago

And Forza 3 has a rewind button.

Take from that what you will.

Igneel4574d ago

Man , Do you remember how many people were bashing forza 3 and calling it Flopza while Claimming that GT5 was the new coming of the Christ? I sure do it was a few days ago. What goes around comes around. I'm not saying they should be trolling but We all saw this coming.

The N.

Nihilism4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )


Don't go pleading innocence, every single time a 360 game scores under a 9/10 PS3 gamers go around calling it a flop, Fable 3, Mass Effect 2, every time a review was less than a 9 PS3 fans would be all over it.

Now after months of cinema mode ( of whatever the F it is called ) bullshots we get the real picture, now all of a sudden PS3 gamers can't take a joke.

Lap it up big boy.

P.S I see a lot of PS3 gamers saying "yeah well it will still sell more than Forza 3"

But I thought sales =/= quality?


"No one's pleading INNOCENCE, bro.

GT5 is scoring great, I don't give a crap how you fankids define a "flop". "


U mad bro.

You also accused me of calling GT5 a flop...$20 if you can find a quote of me saying that. You know why you won't find it? because I'm not a hypocrite and I don't consider 8/10 a bad score, nor do I particularly care what the media thinks of games for me to enjoy them BUT that is not the point, PS3 gamers I mean fanboys are getting no less than they deserve in the comments, they say the same thing and 360 gamers have to endure far more B.S than anyone else on this site so why shouldn't they enjoy the hypocrisy as I am?

VenomProject4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )


No one's pleading INNOCENCE, bro.

GT5 is scoring great, I don't give a crap how you fankids define a "flop".

I'm not into the whole fanboy-war thing, I laugh at both sides when the time arises. (I'll troll CoD literally every chance I get though)

Tis all good though, keep calling it a flop if it makes you guys feel better in the pants. I'll be enjoying the life of a neutral gamer.


"U mad bro."

Ah, so now I'm mad? I thought I was "pleading innocence." What will be my next emotion, oh lord of the cosmos?

Are you accusing ME of badmouthing 360 games and calling them "flops?" I suggest you take a long and hard look at my posting history, I dare you to find one legitimate quote.

"360 gamers have to endure far more B.S than anyone else on this site"

Dang, where were you during the PS3's crucifixion years? Do you remember 2006-2007? Are you just showing up to the party, pal?

Please, call me a hypocrite again, I find your ignorance highly amusing.

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Malicious4574d ago

Implying that the scores are bad.

Homicide4574d ago

They're disappointing, especially after all the delays.

Marquis_de_Sade4574d ago

I'm not implying the scores are "bad", I plan on purchasing the game later today myself. Sadly this generation, anything less than a 9 seems to be met with jeers of "flop confirmed" and all that nonsense.

xAlmostPro4574d ago

i love how your all "oh 8-10 isn't a flop" "when 360 games didnt geta 9 you called it a flop" etc.

why dont you all stop being fanboys? lmao.. jesus how petty "you came to our game and called it flopza now we're here for revenge" lol..

in my eyes any game from 8 up is good and deserves a play, no matter what platform..

evidence shows forza 3 was fun

evidence shows gt5 is a great game..

yet here you are hating on games because of a score without even playing them?

two words?..

grow up

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Next_Up4574d ago

lol still getting my Collectors Edition.

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