OXCGN’s Costume Quest XBLA review: Bag of candy or scary monster?


"Costume Quest will have you craving candy from start to finish.

You start this Xbox Live Arcade game as either Wren or Reynold, a couple of twins who are forced by their parents to trick-or-treat together.

Shortly after you pick your character (either Wren or Reynold) your sibling is kidnapped by a seemingly sugar starved monster, after which it becomes obvious that the evil Dorsilla the witch is behind the monsters invading your world with a nefarious plan to steal all of the candy."

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gaminoz3861d ago

This one looks cute but fun. I really wish they would market these arcade titles better so we know about them! (Unless only I missed it).

BadCircuit3861d ago

Oooo I wish they had Halloween in Australia!

This kind of is a neat concept.

Quagmire3861d ago

WTF, they dont have Halloween in aussie? But yeah, game's great, the not.

Godem3860d ago

XBLA games have really fallen out of the limelight this year, really not seeing as much promotion for them anymore.

Belgavion3859d ago

Really cute dialogue and the gameplay was fun in the trial, but not 1200 points fun