IFA 2007: Philips Shows Off 3D Display Without The Silly Glasses

Philips broke out what it claimed is the first giant 3-D display that requires people not to look like dorks.

The 3D WOWzone is a massive 132in multi-screen 3D wall comprised of nine 42in Philips 3-D displays which combine into one big screen where stuff actually looks like it's coming right out at you. No glasses required.

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ktchong4152d ago

Philips also invented the original CD... which leads to DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, and everything else.

Xbox is the BEST4152d ago

much will it cost? I need one.

sovietsoldier4152d ago

the video does not show how great 3d tvs are. you have to see one to realy understand how they look. i sure hope they dont cost that much more then a standard tv cause i want one real bad.

sandip7874152d ago

yeh thats not going to cost much - 132 inch comprised of 9 42 inch screens
although it would be pretty cool to own

sloth4urluv4152d ago

Been meaning to buy one of those computer monitors, think I could afford one now, not sure how many games support it, but would be helpfull with modeling.