JustPushStart: Gran Turismo 5 Review

JustPushStart writes: In the five years that we’ve been waiting for, I must say, that Gran Turismo 5 is a game still worth checking out whether you’re a fan of the series or not. While the new features are appealing for racing fans, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit offer more diverse modes than Gran Turismo 5, if I were to compare the two racing titles. Graphically, the game has not changed much from Gran Turismo 5: Prologue but this makes up for the impressive weather effects on offer. It may not be the best game ever made but it’s still a polished title. Racing fans won’t be disappointed.

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Nitrowolf23862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

"For a game that is five years in the making, the graphics of Gran Turismo 5 surprisingly does not have the best graphics I’ve seen this generation . If NFS: Hot Pursuit is to be compared with Gran Turismo 5, it will be obvious to the gamer that Hot Pursuit’s graphics are superior to Gran Turismo 5. "


Also why must they compare this to NFS?
First off they are not the same, GT Simulator
NFS full arcade style racing

-Alpha3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Phase 'em out, relax.

The embargo is Wednesday, so don't take the review too seriously until then.


Not discrediting everything they say, but if the official embargo is Wednesday then people shouldn't get too riled up. The score doesn't take into account online if I'm not mistaken. Reviews like this, regardless of score, shouldn't be considered until it is official to do so.

The ultimate motive for pre-embargo releases are to beat the onslaught of reviews from more famous sites and hog the attention while they can.

Gue13862d ago

Whatever it is what they are smoking the effects are obvious. Blindness.

tavo11173862d ago

Why do they even botter to write a troll review before the embargo lifts. It would be a little less pathetic.

Exquisik3862d ago

I agree with Alpha, don't take this review too seriously especially after looking at their hot and not list.

Welcome to my Home
Gain Experience to Level Up
A/B-Spec Events
Earn Rewards by Leveling Up
Arcade Mode
Let's Make a Track
Online Multiplayer
Taking the License Test
Special Events
Custom Soundtracks/PSP Connectivity

Graphic are not that Good (Seriously?)
Excessive Installation
Boring Multiplayer Mode (It's a racing game! What else do you want? And the game hasn't even been released yet to have a full effect on the online mode.)

All that Hot compare to Not (which doesn't even affect gameplay that much) and they gave it a 4/5.

Just from this line alone "Following the continuous delays that Gran Turismo 5 has faced over the years," you can tell that this review is useless. Continuous delays? There'd only been two delays and the first one was for Japan only!

LilMissGoddess3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

i live on east coast usa nc to be exact, its been wednesday for one hour and 20 minutes, embargo is over since the game released over an hr ago, hence 1201 am wednesday nov 24th 2010

all sites can basically now post reviews

grendan- remember only 360 exclusives deserve scores less than 100% on n4g however all sony exclusives should get a 10/10 for the fact that sony and their devs do no wrong for the fanboys on here that cheer them on.

3 disagrees? ok i don't live in n.c it's not 133 am WEDNESDAY and i guess i live on mars! fucking sony fanboys suck!

wah wah we the teh victims! love my ps3 hate the sony crybabies on N4G.COM
you guys need to grow a pair!

beardpapa3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

you make a game for several years and you have to consider that it's because of numerous delays. I mean, AW was in development for several years which means numerous delays, and the media was allll over it!


Lord_Doggington3862d ago

he said he didn't like the character models and thought that the new nfs game had better physics

i agree. even though gt5 isn't really a physics-flashy game, the character models do definitely look dated

OneSneakyMofo3862d ago

JustPushStart who? Nuff said.

'Excessive installing' the 10GB is mandatory, tartar. I don't see all these multiplatform games getting a mark off because they have required istalls either.

And then he compares the game to NFS? How about compare it to other racing sims. Oh wait, you don't play racing sims? Then don't fvcking review it.


Contradiction much? Yeah, you just lost all credibility with that one.

I just put these guys on my blocked sites. :)

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N4WAH3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Oh please Grenadan.
I have played a couple races in GT5 already and now I am doing the full install of the game. I have also played NFS:HP. To say NFS looks better is flat out embarrassing and screams GIVE ME HITS!

I am a racing fanatic. I have played them all this generation and GT5 "graphically" has no equal when it comes to the racing genre. So how can you take anything they say seriously after that?

Oh wait, now I know why. I took a quick glance at your post history. Carry on. With your slanted bias (and I am being polite) that is.

PS3Freak3862d ago

"For a game that is five years in the making, the graphics of Gran Turismo 5 surprisingly does not have the best graphics I’ve seen this generation"

All you need to do is read this sentance, and you will see that they are not worth listening to. English much?

will113862d ago

Sounds like ignorance to me. I disagree with what they are saying but I am not ignoring it. Opinions are opinions.

Ethereal3862d ago

Yea...this review has some serious grammatical errors that need to be addressed. I pretty much gave up when he compared GT5 to NFS:HP....

LilMissGoddess3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

"Sounds like ignorance to me. I disagree with what they are saying but I am not ignoring it. Opinions are opinions. "

let me correct this statement- " doesn't sound like what i want to hear being a sony fanboy, i am ignoring it, opinions are opinions"

funny when people that like halo said about the same you ps3 fanboys crucified them. so there will i said what you don't have the balls to admit too saying. keep being a fanboy, i love hypocrites. oh and next time plz remember to add "teh victims" bs next time.

ya know what i mean, conspiracy theories, and all out hypocrisy, i mean hell it's what you sony fanboys know best on!

deadreckoning6663862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

@PS3 Freak- The reviewer probably saw something on the PC that impressed him more. But on consoles, GT5 is the best looking game I have ever seen...and I haven't even played it yet. But then again, thats what MY eyes tell me. I really can't speak for anyone else.

Either way...a 4/5 is a great score.

"If NFS: Hot Pursuit is to be compared with Gran Turismo 5, it will be obvious to the gamer that Hot Pursuit’s graphics are superior to Gran Turismo 5."

For the record, I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement. The reviewer should have said that HE believes Hot Pursuit looks better than GT5. Then it would have been an opinion which is fine. However, the reviewer is assuming that EVERYONE will believe that Hot Pursuit looks better than GT5. Thats totally asinine.

"I want big sites reviews!!!!!!! Not these no name (do whatever they can for hits) type sites."

What difference does that make? Don't tell me you believe that big site reviews from IGN and Gamespot are more credible just because their "big". If anything, big sites are LESS credible than small sites since big sites are usually the ones that get paid to give a review since big sites like IGN and Gamespot hold more weight in this industry than sites like 1up and Playstation Lifestyle.

socomnick3862d ago

Here is another quote from a playstation mag psm3.

"Weirdest of all, GT5's vaunted vehicles don't even look that good. Yes, even the cars - those 1000-plus cars! - are disappointing. Sure, stick them in photo mode and ogle the hi-res versions and they're gorgeous, but on track and in motion they're surprisingly prone to jaggedy shadows, lumpy edges and blurry textures. The cars in NFS Hot Pursuit look better, go better and crash better."

It appears gt5 plays and looks bad.

Here is a link to that quote.

PS3Freak3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Well looks like this article dragged in the lowest of the low. Shield your eyes, you may get infected.

LordMarius3862d ago

"Visually it's at once comfortingly familiar, in that squeaky-clean sort of GT style, and impossibly beautiful. It's the equivalent of a warm bath on a cold night - with Megan Fox in it. What is immediately obvious is that Polyphony Digital have achieved a technical masterpiece. The staggering full HD 60fps simply never struggles for a single second."

from the same link

Angels37853862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

I want big sites reviews!!!!!!! Not these no name (do whatever they can for hits) type sites. Wheres the REAL GT5 review? Its a shame that the very first one was from a crappy french site who obviously had double standards, memory issues (giving prologue a better score than the final GT5), and fanboys working there. -_-

I totally agree
@People who disagree
Die Fanboys. If IGN, Gametrailers, or Gameinformer give it an 8. Then I'll believe these sites.

PS3Freak3862d ago

We havn't gotten any real reviews yet, because the real websites actually plan to play the game before they review it.

SiteNblog Defender3862d ago

Oh, but I thought this smaller websites give truthful reviews. That's what you PS3 fans were saying about the first Halo Reach reviews.

LilMissGoddess3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

thats funny when halo reach came out the no name sites as you say that criticized it was "an honest review" from your same crowd...

hypocrite much?

lived 30 yrs b4 halo and gran turismo, trust me being a gamer instead of part of some kind of cult is better, you should try it sometime.

oh well pardon me a minute while i say

NINTENDO FUCK THE WORLD the only company that pulled this industry from bankrupt to an industry again--- sorry my fanboy came out!

edit to site blog- yes, yes they did! see my posts in here, lmao ill buy gt5 like i bought halo reach see some don't act like nazi's sworn to a certain console, we own both!

I_vAmpiRe_I3862d ago

Well, to be honest, I'm hugely disappointed in this game. I'm a big GT fan, and bought my old 60gb PS3 just because GT5 (a LOT of years ago).
I've been playing the game the last 8 hours, and it really shows that the PS3 is old. (antialising anyone?) The graphics aren't as beautiful as the pictures we've seen earlier, the game looks unpolished, with lots of graphical errors (esp on shadows, but also on car meshes), a LOT of typos, bad A.I. and endless loading times.. They even forgot adding body-roll when driving in-car/bumpercam.. Exept skidmarks and better tiresmoke, IMO it's not better than gt4 on the PS2..
I'm a huge racing-game fan and tbh this isn't the real driving sim. (and no, I haven't tried Forza since I do not have an XBox).

DigitalAnalog3862d ago

From what I've heard, that's when things DO get interesting. Especially 1 fatal crash that would put you out of business for good.

-End of Line

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Cevapi883862d ago

"For a game that is five years in the making, the graphics of Gran Turismo 5 surprisingly does not have the best graphics I’ve seen this generation . If NFS: Hot Pursuit is to be compared with Gran Turismo 5, it will be obvious to the gamer that Hot Pursuit’s graphics are superior to Gran Turismo 5. While the weather effects are pretty good in Gran Turismo 5, the physics and the environment that the game has to offer to gamers aren’t that appealing. The character models and the people behind the race track look dated while the voice overs of the characters are way off-sync."

>__> look of disapproval

-Alpha3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

I do have to agree about the people behind the race track, they seem to be the same models, repeated multiple times like in sports games. Not something you'd notice when racing, but when looking at screenshots it sticks out.

A 4/5 isn't bad mind you, there are bound to be some negatives and some things will stick out when the rest of the game is highly polished.

My friends over the sea keep sending me pics, so I'm only judging from that.

Cevapi883862d ago

i understand that, but this is isnt the real tree simulator or whatever else you would like to substitute, the fact that this reviewer compared GT5 to NFS and said it looks better is mind boggling to me

same models of people and trees should be expected, that does not sure that if Kaz had his way with it, he would try and refine everything off track as well, but then again most of us wont care what is happening off track when we are focused on 1st place

-Alpha3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

"but this is isnt the real tree simulator or whatever else you would like to substitute"

I don't think it's fair to make excuses like that. It doesn't have to be a tree simulator to look a little better.

I remember before GT had damage I used to tell people "the point is to race, not crash". But somebody then told me "that's like saying a dev shouldn't code in deaths for a platformer because the point isn't to die"

I'm comfortable enough to be disappointed, but not enough to care.

It's ultimately a cherry-pick, and it shouldn't mean much. It's just confusing as to why they didn't upgrade it, and surely you prefer a better model tree.

Cevapi883862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

it really does not matter to me...what matters to me is that the tracks are top notch and the game is doing what its suppose to do...PD will eventually work on improving what goes on off track, i think it will make the races that much more lively...but as you said its cherry picking at its wont deter me from getting the game or make me disappointed if a tree is not in HD or on the same graphical level as a premium car

and as i said before, if Yamauchi had time which has been something of an issue when it comes to GT5 then im sure that the tree models and the human characters would have been upgraded...whenever we heard Yamauchi say that he needed more time or something along those lines, it was synonymous with people thinking that the game was going to be delayed yet again...ohh and if prologue is anything to go off of, then we will see many updates to the game since PD and Yamauchi like to be perfectionist and offer as much content as possible

despair3862d ago

The strange thing is that I have Hot Pursuit for PC running at 1920x1080 with max settings and while it is a gorgeous game, I don't think that it looks better than what I saw on GT5,cars for sure are better looking on GT5 but the environments though I'm not sure, I will have to wait until tomorrow when I get my copy(hopefully it ships on time) to tell that.

-Alpha3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

It ought to be fine, though I find it annoying they couldn't fix 2D trees and repeated crowds in such close proximity (for example, seeing 4 of the same guys in one shot makes no sense) some time in the last couple of years.

I know the focus is on cars, but surely the person who makes the cars doesn't make the trees in a game? It's not a big deal, but just something that has stumped me


I'm not saying they are all bad, just that I've seen 2-D ones and they stick out like a sore thumb. It's a nit pick, but it's noticeable enough that people seem to see it

SoapShoes3862d ago

@Alpha - Not all of the trees are bad. I mean the ones on High Speed Ring(even on Prologue) look good. Some of them are not that great, but they aren't bad per-say.

despair3862d ago

Yea it doesn't bother me, I mean environment and spectators have not exactly been Gran Turismo's best area of development. They spent time making the cars and tracks as close to perfect as possible and that's what I want. Foliage and twins popping up everywhere is way way down on my wishlist.

I'm sure reviewers will hone in on that though and while its good to point out problems and areas more work could be done I hope they don't focus on it and blow it out of proportion. Its all about racing and gorgeous cars.

SoapShoes3862d ago

Um, what? I've played the Hot Pursuit demo, and WHAT?

Terarmzar3862d ago

I hated hot pursuit after i tried the demo it was Too! arcadey
and something i dont get with NFS, when they make these new games the feeling of the cars is different in every game which is odd since it is an arcade and made by the same developers every time excluding the new hot pursuit.
*When i say the cars handle different im talking about using the same car they had in the last game and comparing the difference.

3862d ago
SoapShoes3862d ago

Dude even Prologue looked better than Hot Pursuit....

ArcFatalix3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

justpushstart lol so desperate

why do these no name sites want hits so bad, just read the review written so horribly

CrippleH3862d ago

No name sites are probably from N4G contributers posting their own websites.

LilMissGoddess3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

so? couldn't i have said the same about 360 exclusives and reviews for those that weren't 10/10? claim the victims 24/7 but you know what else you sony fanboys say " what foes around comes around" well that might be the ONLY honest comment from that "camp" on here.

cry cry cry isn't that also what you sony fanboys said???

oh i see the droids are popping my bubbles sorry but you guys are babies 24/7 fuck the bubbles, all i need is ONE. immature bunch of crybabies, maybe instead of buying this you all need to invest in pacifiers!

edit to turismo- and you are desperate for agrees

edit number 2 lmao -Why don't you get to lvl 30+ and then start giving your thoughts.<---- well then digital analog, why don't you say that when an rpg is getting reviewed? ya know since now reviews have to be level 50 or what not right?

excuses and double standards, you guys we're chomping to bite down fable 3, so i guess all those reviews are moot too, since they weren't "higher levels with that" but still reviewed it.

damage and shit in this game should be for ALL CARS. cock pit view SHOULD BE FOR ALL CARS. they gimped it but whatever make more excuses. the one thing i see thats WRONG WITH THIS TITLE IS LOADING TIMES AFTER THE INSTALL, what the excuses now?

bad coding from PD. one third of the game is installed and still several minutes to load a fucking a track???? be glad i aint the reviewer, that's a point off there!

TurismoGTR3862d ago

These sites are deperate for hits.