The Exclusive VGA Reveal is Battlefield 3?

E4G: After doing an analysis of another VGA teaser trailer, something has been uncovered...

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deadreckoning6663861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Mm...well, it would be a good exclusive to reveal. Battlefield 3 is set to be the best war game on the market when it hits next year, next to Killzone 3 and Dylan Jobe's new game of course.

@Hitman0769- I'm really stoked for Starhawk as well. So many great games coming out next year. I was gunna go splurge on Black Friday but I think ill save my cash for 2011.

"Battlefield is not exclusive."

I meant exclusive as in a VGA exclusive reveal....kinda like what the title of this article says. Also, I'm in love with BC2. If you say that the Bad Company franchise is Battlefield Lite, then Battlefield 3 is set to blow my mind completely.

toaster3861d ago

Battlefield is not exclusive. If anything it would be PC exclusive since you know.. it's a PC franchise. Bad Company is basically Battlefield lite. I'm hoping the consoles don't water down the game.

meiamsome3861d ago

I'm thinking by exclusive they just meant it was exclusively being revealed during the show. The word exclusive is abused very often by PR Speak.

alien6263861d ago

actually i go with this it might be battlefield 3 hmm

-Alpha3861d ago

BF3 wont be watered down for consolite. DICE confirmed this.

However, I'm not sure if the game will hit consoles or not. It may be too hardcore for console owners. It took forever for console gamers to grasp teamwork in BC2.

BF3 is going to be legendary, I really want to get a PC for it

socomnick3861d ago

wow that video was beyond stupid basically

" the video had a helicopter that I think was in Battlefield Bc2 and it had what I think was satellite imagery so therefore its battlefield"

:/ waste of time.

superrey193861d ago

Yet taking the time to comment about how the video is a waste of time ISN'T a waste a of time to you?

On topic... Its plausible that it's Battlefield 3. I sure hope so, but only time will tell.

mercenarie3861d ago

god.. that video analysis was horrible!

"the helicopter looks the same as in Battlefield Bad Company 2, so it might be set in the same time area, or its different location or something else has happened because everything is now in the total winter environment"

you seriously call this an analysis? the helicopter can be from any modern military FPS

Hitman07693861d ago

This seems completely true to me but I'm really interested in seeing a different game. Sigh* I guess it's not going to be STARHAWK!?!? Still though BF3 should be badass!

dkblackhawk503861d ago

lmao Starhawk is where its at fool! /s

blumatt3861d ago

Don't be a smartass, man. Starhawk WILL be a great game, just like Warhawk. If you don't own a PS3, get one. Then catch up on all the games it sounds like you're missing out on by your sarcastic comment.

mercenarie3861d ago

SONY won't host an event the day after the VGA's for Battlefield 3.. it's a multiplatform game and as far as we know the SONY is planning on revealing an EXCLUSIVE

VenomProject3861d ago

Why are we comparing Starhawk to Battlefield?

Battlefield started the whole land, air and sea combat thing.

wwm0nkey3861d ago

Again its pretty obvious this is BF3 is you have played a few BF games lol

scar203861d ago

I got the moh limited edition and i got a code for the bfbc3 beta which was suppose to start 12 months after moh release.

tmoss7263861d ago

Battlefield and Battlefield: Bad Company 3 are NOT the same series.

scar203861d ago

Wow never knew that thanx for pointing it out.

Dnied3861d ago

fyi scar the moh code is for bf3 beta, not bfbc3 beta which hasnt even been announced yet i believe

Hitman07693861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Obviously who said they were?!?

BF3 exists and is being released soon... bfbc3 doesnt exist yet but is being considered for future development, this is according to EA direct.

HellzAssassin3861d ago

Wow... I'm so surprised at how many people have never heard of the original Battlefields on PC. Well, the kids now adays...
As tmoss726 stated, BF2 and BF:BC2 are two completely different games. So many kids on forums call it BF2 without even realized the masterpiece that BF2 truly is, and not Bad Company 2. NOTHING against BC2, I love that game! I just can't wait for BF3 as it'll be phenomenal! :]

Hitman07693861d ago

this is pretty sad i see your point.

battlefield in the old days was much better than bad company series (which i like a lot), i remember how 1942 was a cornerstone War Game and I can't wait for BF3 as well, should be amazing.

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