Kinect vs. Move at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "This holiday season gamers and non-gamers alike will be beset with a major choice in the motion gaming market: Kinect or Move? Both are quality gaming systems that add fun new technology to their parent console, but not everybody is going to have the cash flow necessary to pick up both. So, we're breaking it down to see which is worth the money to the cash strapped gamer."

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IrieMars3862d ago

Move just seems like the Wii. At least Kinect (Eyetoyplus) is fun to play, at least for me.

deadreckoning6663862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

I actually got back from Best Buy a couple hours ago. I played Kinect Sports and Sports Champions...I had fun with both of them, but I came away more excited about Kinect's technology than Move's technology. Using it is really fun. Actually, everyone at the store was too embarrassed to play until they saw how much fun me and my friend were having.

Also, its EXTREMELY difficult to notice any lag. You literally have to WANT to hate on Kinect to notice the lag. I was impressed by Move's accuracy, but the "minority report" style gameplay simply impresses me more.

Is Kinect simply a more advanced Eyetoy..yeah, probably, but I'm perfectly fine with that since I had a blast today. I'd get it, but its too pricey and I don't have room for it in my apartment.

DJMarty3862d ago


'Kinect does have the edge in innovation though. Controller-less gaming hasn't ever been done before, whereas PS Move is essentially just a much more accurate and usable Nintendo Wii'.

----------------------------- ----------------------

What aload of bullshit, Controller-less gaming has been done before , EYETOY says hi. Only done like 7 years before this kinect crap.

This site hasn't a fuckin clue about tech. Clearly hav'nt done any research. Why give them hits.