Deca Sports Freedom Review (Xbox 360/Kinect)- Gameplaybook

Unless you like absolutely flawed sports games with little entertainment value, avoid Deca Sports Freedom like the plague.

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T9X693860d ago

TBH the game looked like shit to begin with. Kinect Sports is so much better in every way.

FunkyzeitMitBruno3860d ago

Kinect: So much potential. Just not in gaming terms, put simply it sucks.

Seen some cool homebrew things in relation to PC applications though, maybe I will pick one up for my HTPC when they hit the bargain bin.

EVILDEAD3603860d ago

'Kinect: So much potential. Just not in gaming terms, put simply it sucks.'

Not even close..the games are great..this simply isn't one of 'em..ask the Wii..that's where Deca is ported from and it's on it's 3rd iteration on that console..

Kinect Sports FTW..


mcstorm3860d ago

I agree Kinect games like kinect sport, Kinectimals, Joy Ride, Dance central, Ea Sports Active 2 are all very good games to have for Kinect but just like the move and Wii they have some bad games made for them too and this is one of them.

QDOGG3860d ago

another lame KINECT game
sports champions table tennis for MOVE is way better
PS3 > XBOX 360
when MS pull the plug on 360 like they did the 1st XBOX i wonder will they all buy SONY PS3 LOL

awiseman3860d ago

Sony fanboy if I ever did see one. And this is a thrid party deveolper and by the look of it their bad ones at that. Just like that fail Japaneese game Dance Masters. they make a dancing game that trax hand movements which means they just ported their WII veriosn to Kinect and all it a kinect title.

SmokexFFx3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

And it's not even one of the well informed Sony fanboys, that you can acctualy have a nice argument with, just one of the ones you laugh at.

DelbertGrady3860d ago

Leave him be. He's just waited 5 years just to get disappointed and has every right to vent his fanboy rage.

christheredhead3860d ago

a 1? wow. i expected a low score but not like at the bottom of the barrel. i own deca sports for the wii and its not all that great as wii sports does a far better job but its still a fun game to play with friends and i enjoy it a lot. so naturally deca sports for kinect seemed like a perfect fit where you can jump in and out of different sports games with no controller but now im just disappointed.