Downloadable Characters Hurt Fighting Games

With the final roster of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds still up in the air, Capcom announced that we’ll be paying for downloadable characters. GameStop's exclusive special edition will include a code for two characters that will come out a month after the game’s release: Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine and Marvel Comics’ Shuma-Gorath.

Adding new characters to a fighting game seems like a natural fit for downloadable content: If a shooter can add more multiplayer maps and a single player game can add more scenarios, then why shouldn’t fighting games expand their content with new characters?

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gtsentry3861d ago

they should jus give all the characters in the retail game

RockmanII73861d ago

1 - The Special Edition, contrary to this article, isn't exclusive to gamestop. I know for a fact you can get it at other places.

2 - @1.1 actually all the characters aren't finished though. I'm not defending Capcom, they are doing this for the money, but I've been told that the special edition doesn't come with the characters, but a code that will get you the characters for free when they are released on XBLA/PSN. For them to include them all in the retail game would mean the game would get delayed.

deadreckoning6663861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

@gtsentry- I agree. But Capcom does it because they know people will pay. If they released Nemesis from RE3 or Jill Valentine, many people would buy them.

Sadie21003861d ago

Yeah, I don't disagree with the concept of offering new characters via paid DLC, but I can see that getting weird with players who don't have access to those fighters.

soundslike3861d ago

since its a fighting game theres a high chance the character will be massively overpowered, whether intentional or not

TheBlackSmoke3861d ago

I dont have an issue with not having the characters, its just the advantage a player who has the characters have in terms of unfamiliarity in a match.

Of course anybody who wants to invest time in to the game will have no problem with buying the DLC, only the flavour of the month type players will complain.

Cheeseknight283861d ago

But it's the only way I'll ever play Phoenix Wright so I can't argue with them.

dredgewalker3861d ago

Yes, it's so insulting when you also know that the dlc character was made the same time as the game or was included in the disc but you have to pay to unlock it.

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The story is too old to be commented.