Have retail prices once again reached insane levels with GT5?

If you’ve even glanced inside a game store in the past few years then you know the score. The preowned market is big business and it’s all that keeps the vast empires of Game/Gamestation afloat. Why? Because when you buy a game first hand only a portion of your money goes to the retailer itself, the rest is shared out between publishers or distributors and in some very rare cases the developers might actually see some cash too. Preowned items on the other hand can be sold over and over with the retailer taking 100% of the revenue every time.

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scar203861d ago

IDC what the price on this game is it deserves it.

thebudgetgamer3859d ago

yea, just like every other product that's manufactured.

thrasherv33859d ago

Just to be clear, P=Pennies?

Vip3r3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

p = pence.

And just to be more clear,

£ = pounds
100p = £1.
£1 = $1.57


PS360fanboy3859d ago

Lol, trading in Black Ops for GT5...

PirateThom3859d ago

I would definitely trade in Nuketown: The Game for GT5.

level 3603859d ago

Beware!!.. for the most part these deals are quite deceiving so be very careful to ( READ ) the fine print.

It could eventually costs' you more.

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