Gran Turismo 5: Final code, hugely contrasting viewpoints

CVG: Two PSM3 writers, both huge Gran Turismo fans, give their early verdict on retail code - with shockingly diverse results. Their impressions couldn't be more shockingly disparate, both for and against; a primer for what we can expect from reviews tomorrow, which could vary anywhere from a glowing 9/10s, to angry 5/10s...

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InfectedDK4574d ago

Look this is not a disc that is turning your PS3 into a space-shuttle all right?

ryuzu4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

Man CVG is desparate to farm hits - can't they pay their bills or something?

They've posted articles about how their review is coming, now they're commenting on bloggers and laughably incomplete reviews trying to get some GT5 traffic their way.

Really, it's embarrassing. Looks like the other releases this year aren't getting the job done - stick GT5 in the title of every article to generate hits.

Bathyj4574d ago

They said Shocking twice in the first two sentences. Sounds desparate to me, and desparation is a stinky colonge.

And how on earth could GT get a 5/10?

Not giving them the hit.

4574d ago
ryuzu4574d ago

Why do you think sites like CVG exist? They exist because of Ad revenue from hits - that's it.

Whatever gets hits gets printed - and right now, that's GT5.

CVG has nothing to say, but is going to say it anyway - and stick GT5 in the title to hit harvest.


InfectedDK4574d ago

5/10 ? Lol they gave Haze 7.1/10

ShinMaster4574d ago

They have horrible memories:

First PS1 GT game = 178 cars
First PS2 GT game = 180+ cars
First PS3 GT game = 220+ cars(real GT5 cars)

Second PS1 GT game = 650 cars
Second PS2 GT game = 722 cars
Second PS3 GT game = ???(hundreds more in GT6 guaranteed)

* Standard cars are simply bonuses in my book.

Bathyj4574d ago

"Standard cars are simply bonuses in my book."

All this negativity about standard cars is crap.

If GT5 ONLY had 200 premiums cars, it would still be the best driving game with the most detailed cars in them.

The fact you get 800 "standard" (still higher quality than other games) cars in just icing on the cake. And the reason you get them, and why they're are so many apparent duplicates (same models, different years) is so CAR LOVERS will be catered to and get to drive their cars in the game.

PD problem is their set the bar so high for themselves. Each GT that comes out has more and more crammed into it and eventually you just cant do anymore without taking a decade to do it.

I personally hope GT 6 is a PS4 game. It cant be improved by a significant margin this gen. GT5 will hold us out until then.

ExplosionSauce4574d ago

Standard cars aren't exactly the best. While many look good, some of them look outdated.
But those 220 or so premium cars are amazing and beyond anything I've seen before.

But he is right, I think GT6 will have a lot more "premium" cars, just like GT games in the past.

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PS360fanboy4574d ago

Is it just me or reviews are not looking that great for GT5? I hope it's mostly haters...

Shazz4574d ago

just shows you the heat gt5 can bring to your site , im expecting a few weird and sum downright awful reviews because of this and i must say thats why i dont give them hits its pathetic

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Shaman4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

GT5 in whole honestly LOOKS quite average.All those screens they gave were not NEARLY the representative of real game.Now with direct feed shots it clearly looks meh.
I mean.You dont say this for great looking game...
"Sure, stick them in photo mode and ogle the hi-res versions and they're gorgeous, but on track and in motion they're surprisingly prone to jaggedy shadows, lumpy edges and blurry textures. The cars in NFS Hot Pursuit look better, go better and crash better."

ryuzu4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

You're wrong - sorry 'bout that.

EDIT : Oh and NFS:HP is a good game. But you're still wrong lol.


ct034574d ago

Just play GT5. The blindness all those photo mode promo shots have brought onto you will immediately give way to the realization of truth.

NBT914574d ago

Think you should try the game first, it looks fantastic. And yes the photos in photo mode do look stunning but the gameplay isn't a whole lot worse looking. Besides i'm too busy focusing on the track ahead which looks fantastic even in gameply

Shaman4574d ago

You know Im not really stupid.I know what good game looks like when i see one( Crysis,UC2,GOW III) but GT5,while looking ok,its not great looking game,its really not.You guys can post me thousands of bullshots that they have released but i have direct feed shots from 3 different sites that clearly say-meh!

xTruthx4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

good example of some 1 not having the game ^^^^^ *shaman*

"but i have direct feed shots from 3 different sites that clearly say-meh! "

Anyone else LOL"ING ?

Shaman4574d ago

Im just sayin what i see from DIRECT FEED SHOTS.Something you will look on TV.I said it for Alan Wake and i say it now,it does not look great.

raztad4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

Wow. You want DIRECT FEED HD GAMEPLAY? Go to this site:

Follow the instructions and you will see how the game looks actually runing off a PS3 (720p)

Game looks fvking beautiful.

DigitalRaptor4574d ago

Compressed HD video streaming is not the same as a game running on a Playstation 3 on a 1080p HDTV screen! Play that sh*t in person and you should no longer be complaining.

The graphics looks damn fine even on those HD streams anyway, so why would anyone complain to start with? Unless they were a troll. That would make sense...

LastDance4574d ago

And the guy that wrote that review is obviously an idiot. So what does it matter what he said?

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Call_me_Ishmael4574d ago

i just dont give a shit about reviews anymore,the reviewers are sometimes just full of bs,so i play what i wanna play and i buy what
i wanna buy,i aint a slave to the gaming community.

Shaman4574d ago

Sure you are not slave but when you take average of 100 good reviews its actually very accurate representative of the game you will play.Though some can be overrated...I dont know about GT5.We should wait for more reviews,i just said that graphics look ASS.And they do.NFS really looks crazy with its 5km view distance :D

Parapraxis4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago ) you're just trolling Shaman.
Quite pathetic really.

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