Lens of Truth - First Look: Gran Turismo Gameplay Video (720p HDMI)

Lens of Truth writes "In this First Look we bring you the first few minutes of Sony's Gran Turismio 5. As you all may know, the internet has been flooded today with a slew of GT5 news, reviews, and screenshots. So we wanted to mix things up by bringing you some fresh gameplay footage and 1080p HD screenshots of the retail version. Come join us as we jump into the drivers seat with GT5."

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captain-obvious3522d ago

okay i got the game and i love it
graphic are top notch

the game looks soo good that you can spot ugly things sooo easy
first of all is the shadows they got pixilated edges

and damage is good in premium cars and not that much in standard cars

and you can immediately spot standards and premium from miles away

all an all
the game is wonderful

3522d ago
captain-obvious3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

"more important to me"

no one asked for your opinion
GTFO of here troll

raztad3522d ago


Bro, I think you misunderstood _IFRIT_


I concur.

Xusuyzus3522d ago

holly shit,.. that dude can't drive for shit,..

donkeydoo3522d ago Show
raztad3522d ago


That is the sad reality of most gaming "journos". And some are relying on them to get a credible opinion of the game :(

awiseman3522d ago

Holy Crap those screens look so good my comp lagged while loading them! naa jk but the game looks beutyful

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Those kind of drivers are going to be pwned Online.

That guy need to practice a lot more.

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RudeSole Devil3522d ago

I have to admit Sony has the best looking exclusives..

Bathyj3522d ago

Everyone has to admit that.

Maybe not in public, but to themselves at least.

N4WAH3522d ago

Was there ever a doubt?

kenpachi3522d ago

where did that clown get his licence in a lucky bag

RudeSole Devil3522d ago

Must be using the controller, dude needs a steering wheel for sure..

Godmars2903522d ago

Yeah, why is it that when I think about getting this game I think about getting a Logtec wheel at the same time?

Ducky3522d ago

That was by far the worst driving I've seen so far for GT5.

donkeydoo3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

That video and images are not in game its all replay. Fake video move along..

Headquarters113522d ago

jealous forza fanboy spotted...

Soul Train3522d ago

What are you smoking donkey doo? I hate racing games but I'll even admit this game looks amazing. And that is definitley in game....move along

Karlnag33522d ago Show
T9X693522d ago

@Soul Train - Some images do, but this was taken from the actual game.....and doesn't look that great.

donkeydoo3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

you all are cray, I too have the game and it does not look that good. people stop over hyping this game because we all know it doesn't look like that. REPLAY MODE FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank god someone understands what I'm saying.

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Fishy Fingers3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

720p? This is one of the few games where that quality feed wont cut it.

Tuxedo_Mask3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Lens of Truth always does 720p, even with the multi-platform games. They give the lowest resolution possible due to it being the most widely available as even the low-end TVs are now pretty much guaranteed to be at least 720p. It's not a representation of the best possible settings for the game. This also goes for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 games they compare as both platforms may benefit from higher resolution settings.

Sea_Man3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

You do know that almost all games are native 720p and a lot of the times lower. Actually I can;t recall any games this gen being a native 1080?? Anyone know that answer? So basically what I'm saying is LOT captures at 720p because it won't matter if they went any higher, besides I'm pretty sure GT5 doesn't have a native 1920 x 1080 resolution...

Tuxedo_Mask3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

GT5's resolution is native 1080p, as for other games, some look better in 1080 regardless of their native resolution, some don't. I play all of my games in 1080 and they look better than screen shots of games I have that have been compared on Lens of Truth, even the ones that "win" the comparison.

Source for GT5 being native 1080p:


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