NXT Gamer: Kinect Joy Ride Review

NXT Gamer's Mike reviews Kinect Joy Ride...

"Kinect Joy Ride was originally set to be a free downloadable title for Xbox LIVE Arcade to showcase avatars back in 2009. It was instead delayed, only to be revealed as one of the Kinect launch titles, still boasting avatar support but now also controller-free driving."

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blumatt3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

To be expected. lol No one wants to play a driving game where you JUST drive and don't control the gas and brake. I see MS coming out with some sort of motion controller to go alongside Kinect. It just makes sense. The Eyetoy (on the PS2) started out by itself and then Sony got smart and added a controller to go alongside the PS Eye (on the PS3). You just really need something tactile to have any sort of precision in gaming at this point in time.
@ QDOGG Yep. BTW, I can't wait to play some Sorcery early next year. I went all out with Move. I bought 4 of 'em. But I leave two of them at a buddy's house so I him and his wife can play and then when I come over, I bring my other two and we play some Sports Champions. Gladiator Duel is fun as hell with all four Move controllers.

EVILDEAD3603861d ago

LOL @ a review of Joyride bringing the Kinect usual haters (nice word for Trolls) out in full force to bash it..and of course tie in Move for absolutely no reason..

The funniest part about it is Joyride has a better Metacritic score than Move's Kung-fu Rider..which of course 'Blumatt' bought because he went 'all out with Move'

The only game this round of Motion controls that comes close to the Eye toy experience is Move's 'Start the party' and that ain't a bad thing because it's still a fun family game.

'No one wants to play a driving game where you JUST drive and don't control the gas and brake.'

No one wanted Move's Kung-fu 'on-rails' rider either so what's the point?

Sports Champion on Move is a fun game and I recommend it to anyone who has a Move..but it won't even come remotely close to stopping people who own or plan on buying Kinect from having a blast with Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central etc..

At the end of the day if your going to compare Kinect to Eyetoy then you have to compare Move to the Wii-mote plus

If your your going to condemn Kinect over one irrelevant game in it Library 'Joyride' which is made for kids then you HAVE to condemn Move for 'Kung-Fu ride

Or you can just simply ask people to enjoy what they own and game-on...


blumatt3861d ago

I don't think you understood what I was saying, man. I'm saying that the Kinect alone will NOT work for the long term. They will HAVE to come up with some sort of physical controller to go alongside it. I wasn't saying it was just like the Eyetoy. I was saying that the Kinect will need a controller to go with it eventually if MS wants it to be able to be used with hardcore games like Halo or Gears.
"No one wanted Move's Kung-fu 'on-rails' rider either so what's the point?"
I completely agree with you, man. Kung Fu Rider is a terrible game. I didn't say anything about that game, though. I was talking about this game.

EVILDEAD3603860d ago

@ Blumatt

Honestly wasn't talking about your comment..just your buddy below

But the point you make that Kinect needs a controller to play Halo and Gears has never been an issue because Micrsoft has stated over and over ad nauseum that they are not trying to use Kinect as an add-on to play those games.

The 360 has the best FPS pad this gen..using your body to control those games is silly. But making games that take advantage of what Kinect can do will provide the best experiences and use Kinect to it's full potential.

Until, then hybrid games make the most sense..meaning pushing that button on the panel in Halo..solving puzzles..throing grenades in a special level built for Kinect etc.

only time will tell..


QDOGG3861d ago

I agree blumatt
Shoddy motion controls will often result in frustration Menus can be troublesome to navigate
KINECT plays it self you think you are playing but your not
PS MOVE is way better than that crap

MidnytRain3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

i honestly don't care for any of the motion-controlled gadgets this generation. I get this nagging suspicion that the Big 3's creativity and resources could have been put to use for something more impactful concerning gameplay/immersion/experience. To me, these games only revise video gaming, not enhance it.

unseen493861d ago

lol i agree move all the way