Top Ten Game Boy and Game Boy Color Games

Stephen Kelley of gamrFeed takes a look at their reader voted top ten list, this time with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.

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Duke_Silver3990d ago

It was close, there were a bunch of votes for Donkey Kong Land and even Kirby, but Mario beat them out

poopface13990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

I also love mario land 3: wario land.

I had Mario Land 2, Pokemon blue and of course TETRIS from thsi list.

I love TETRIS so freaken bad, I still play it on my grey GB. I heard the tetris music in the direcTV commercial and I knew instantly what it was.

Ohhh yea, freaken KIRBY'S DREAM LAND KICKS BALLS too, love that game.

What about megam man games. I smashed my first gameboy on my head while playing MM4 on GB. A tough lesson that I had to learn when I was little. It took me quite some time to save up for a new one :(


TheLastGuardian3990d ago

Pokemon and Super Mario Land ftw!

swirldude3990d ago

Wow, all those Pokemon games, and yet none of them could take the top spot.

T9X693990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Well they did take 3 out of the 10 spots. Pretty good IMO, back when I was a kid that's all I played on Gameboy, use to love those games.

CrescentFang3990d ago

I would have been fair for a limit like one game per series, but nice list.

Anyone here play Final Fantasy Adventure? (The first game in the Mana series and I don't feel like naming its other names it was called in other territories, it would get confusing for others)
Maybe some Castlevania and other platformers

eferreira3990d ago

oh god pokemon, mario and zelda raped this list. There are more great gameboy games than these franchises. Should've limited one per franchise.

Bounkass3990d ago

Lol, as if today's generation cares? No...

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