Will Microsoft Lead the Charge to Bring Apps to Consoles?

Welcome to the app economy. Next stop, video game consoles.

A new advertisement by Microsoft suggests that applications running on its proprietary Silverlight framework are headed to the XBox 360 — a feature that’s certainly been a long time coming.

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DaThreats3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

PS3 does

ForzaGT3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

along with the wii

siliticx3857d ago

HAven't we known that for like 1-2 years now?

morganfell3857d ago

The 360? The console with the closed development atmosphere? The one that wouldn't allow direct downloads of user created material for games like UT3? The one that doesn't allow direct downloads of user created themes? No. Okay? No.

Cevapi883857d ago

if they end being as closed off and over protective of their service like apple is...many developers will have a hard time with the service...imagine a free app?? does anyone else still remember the Valve fiasco with MS....Valve wanted to offer free dlc for TF2 and MS refused...because if you think about it, you need to pay just to get online in order to d/l something that is free

this is the conundrum that i think is bothering MS since some gamers might feel like they are getting swindled

OmarsAccount3857d ago

There's only been a few, a few games that has had that user created material put down. Think of any other than UT3 and the problem w/ valve.

Anyways, wouldnt Netflix,, Facebook, Twitter, ESPN, etc. be considered apps?

Oh and MS has the most indie friendly system among the consoles. I don't see why apps will be that more extreme.

Godmars2903857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

It will still be given full credit, well, because its MS.

It wont matter that it was talked about first on the PS3 with Google and Andriod, done on the Wii, If MS can get MS apps on the 360 while getting their PR machine up to speed, it will be as if they were the only ones considering it.

"Oh and MS has the most indie friendly system among the consoles"

Yeah, that's why Valve did a 180 on PS3 support now that they can put Steam on it: Because MS was so open to the idea on the 360.

And by a "few" games with user created material, are you including LBP, a flagship of the PS3?

starvinbull3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

I'm no fan of apps or the 360 or Kinect for that matter but apps on the 360 combined with Kinect will kill anything PS3 can do at the moment.

My personal suggestion would be an app that photographs each unique person walking in front of the Kinect camera getting their height, weight, body shape and facial patterns for use as evidence against burglars should it ever be needed.

Without an upgraded PSeye I don't see apps that are as useful or cool as what the Kinect could do. The iPhone and the DSi both have apps after all combined with cameras and their apps wouldn't be anything special on the PS3 were they to be ported over.

Bathyj3857d ago

You know the only difference between Kinect and PSEye as it pertains to the senario you just painted is software.

Theres nothing in the hardware that would allow Kinect to do that without PSEye being able to as well with the right firmware, of course.

ElementX3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

So PSEye has "depth sensing at 11-bit VGA resolution (640×480 pixels with 2,048 levels of sensitivity"? LOL, No...

"The depth sensor consists of an infrared laser projector combined with a monochrome CMOS sensor, and allows the Kinect sensor to see in 3D under any ambient light conditions."

PSEye doesn't have that, either! Eye is just a cam, it has no depth sensors built in, it has no infrared projectors...

Bathyj3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

And why is that needed to do what he said. Read what I wrote before you disagree with me, I was very careful to make note that there was no difference in THIS application.

I didnt say PSEye did or could do EVERYTHING Kinect does.

Care to tell me why depth sensing is needed to photograph an intruder?

ElementX3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

"Theres nothing in the hardware that would allow Kinect to do that without PSEye being able to as well with the right firmware, of course."

Firmware wouldn't magically create an infrared sensor in PSEye nor would it magically create a depth sensor

starvinbull3856d ago

I wasn't merely suggesting that the Kinect camera would take a photo I was suggesting that it would also make judgments about the persons characteristics such as their height, weight and facial measurements, PSeye could NOT do those things.

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nycredude3857d ago

Microsoft + lead the charge? In the same sentence? Are they raising prices on Xbox Live?


PS360fanboy3857d ago

I wish this was true. I'd love some emulator apps...

ElementX3857d ago

What apps does PS3 have? I'm curious....

FamilyGuy3857d ago

There are already apps on both 360 and PS3 with more being suggested all the time. How can they "lead the charge" when it's already been going on?

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Lovable3857d ago

hmm the 360 and the PS3 are really competing to bring applications on either consoles which is awesome.

ForzaGT3857d ago

goes to show what a little competition can do

Two-Face3857d ago

ripping of nintendo.


CharlesDCI3857d ago

and both Nintendo and MS ripped off Sony by having their own motion controllers years after Sony dabbled in it.

Mr Exclusive3857d ago

Whenever there is an 'article' with a question mark then it's not an article.

I almost forgot i was on Blogs4Gamers for a second.

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