Microsoft's Dev Demonsatrates How to Make an Xbox 360 Arcade Game

A guide to getting started with XNA and Game Studio including deployment to the Xbox 360.

Microsoft's Ed Dunhill :
I was recently asked to write a guide to getting started with XNA to be published in a guide we will be distributing this year. As I was writing it I was thinking this would be great for the blog so now its finished here it is!"

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TriggerHappy4060d ago

Anyone going to give this a try and see ? I would like to but this just isnt my field.

Jdoki4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

I've been thinking of subscribing to Creators Club for a while as I dabbled in programming many years ago, and would like to apply some of that (now deeply buried) knowledge to creating games.

Unfortunately that weird thing called real life intrudes on my daydreams of creating the next Geometry Wars so I don't have the time right now!! :)