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Gran Turismo 5 Review -

The story behind this PlayStation 3-exclusive racing game is interesting: Haunted by the delays, more and more ambitious as the project progressed, and apparently it has ended up as one of history's most expensive to develop.

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Pre-embargo. Illegitimate review.
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Community3954d ago
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Titanz3954d ago

I appreciate.

Great developed games, deserve great sales.

Good job Sony.

Titanz3954d ago

I respect quality games "on any system", and some of you need to do the same(Nintendo Wii related).

MNicholas3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

The ridiculous claim that the visuals of NFS Hot Pursuit are superior to those of GT5 when widely available videos show the opposite means that this site instantly looses credibility with it's readers.

The sad things about NFS Hot Pursuit is that not only are the visuals inferior, the rendered resolution is 1/3rd that of GT5.


1280x1080x60fps = 83 megapixels per second


1280x720x30fps = 27.7 megapixels per second

These games aren't even in the same league.

The Creep3953d ago

same can be said about the upcoming fps Rage in comparisson to killzone 3

SuperM3953d ago

Rage doesnt run in 1080p on consoles dude

zslash3954d ago

I visited the site and there is seemingly no score listed, so where does the 5/6 come from?

George Sears3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

The dice numbers seem to indicate its score.

The Harry Potter game for example has a 1 on its dice meaning 1/6. (ouch)

MonkeyBoy923954d ago

No idea, however some sites are like that =S. But all I wanted to know is why out of 6, that is so random.

There main concern seems to be the lack of damage, which is understandable to an extent, the damage obviously isn't realistic for a number of reasons, one being the car markers told PD they couldn't use serious car damage.

But it seems reviewers (and those new to the series) don't understand that this isn't GRID or DIRT (Both great games) where the damage models is one of the games' main selling points. Gran Turismo is about the driving and the detail of the car and it's surroundings and driving physics. I get the feeling it will be marked down because reviewers might continue to make this mistake.

dirtydbz3954d ago

I made a comment about this exact point yesterday

although gt is a driving sim without realistic damage it's kind of foolish to put the name the real driving simulator on your box and not get docked points when the game doesn't deliver that.

I alspo went on to say that there is a point where the game would become unplayable to most if they went on to add that sort of realism
I went on about the ai wrecking into you and such and having to pay for a new car /repairs things like that would become infuriating

this game is going to be awesome esp. with a good logitech wheel I for one am glad it doesn't have real damage because I wouldn't be able to stand the game if it did

MonkeyBoy923954d ago

I agree man, at the end of the day it is going to be an awsome game and it's us the gamers that win.

If someone doesn't like the game then fair enough, there are other great arcade driving games out there such as Burnout and GRID, there is hours of fun to be had with those games.

beardpapa3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

well, the real driving simulator is a simulation of driving. It isn't the real crashing simulator. No where in daily routine does intentional crashing have to be a corequisite to actual driving.

it's like... I suppose... Flight Simulator or Space Shuttle Simulator. It'd be foolish to dock off points to a Space Shuttle Sim if the game didn't allow you to intentionally crash the shuttle into say... Sea World upon landing approach. Afterall, it's a sim and not a space shuttle crashing sim, since in real life crashing a space shuttle is not mandatory in the astronaut profession.

So... this is something I don't understand about reviewers when they review sim racing games. Arcade I can understand, but sim? The whole point is to avoid crashing yes, but visual damage isn't really necessary as long as the main point is simulating a driving experience. DiRT requires the damage because damage is almost a fundamental part of rally racing, and going back to my point, you don't need a real robust damage system in a regular sim racing game because you won't be doing destruction derby in nurburgring. The most you probably need [in a "driving" game] is tire temp, oil temp, and gas gauges. Everything else is ancillary.

Armyntt3953d ago

Thats a problem nowadays. Too many mofo's with websites, "reviewing" titles. Then they get posted on N4G as news. They a give a AAA title a low/high score, get hits and repeat with the next AAA title. Do what i do. Only go to sites you know and trust. When i see these reviews from sites ive never heard of i dont even bother. Dont give em your time.

DigitalAnalog3954d ago

Are they that despearate to break "embargo" just so that they can get the ball rolling with negative reviews? This guy (according to translation) didn't bother to get through the online aspect yet. Heck, he hasn't gone though the first few hours of this game.

-End of line

T9X693954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

You need to learn to read.

"PPS! pressure four have played single player part of "GT5" for nearly 40 hours, and got to test it online in an hour before the servers disappeared, most likely in conjunction with the launch."

If it makes you feel better they gave Forza 3 a higher score.

MonkeyBoy923954d ago

I agree and they did mention that and they couldn't do anything about the online situation (servers went down). But online is a big part of this GT game and is something almost all fans are anticipating (including myself). I think it's unfair to throw out a incomplete review just to get noticed. Can you image if Halo or COD got reviewed without the multiplayer aspect, doesn't make sense.

kancerkid3954d ago

How the hell is a 5/6 a negative score??

Am I missing something? Seams like a great game to me, reading the review.

SuperM3953d ago

This was a very positive review. I dont get what you are talking about

disturbing_flame3954d ago

I think some reviews of GT5 gonna hurt a lot of ps3 fanboyz. You know why ?
Because a lot of these reviews are not going to be good.
You know what. You'll play the game anyway, and you'll see.

mandf3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

I think you are sadly mistaken. Any site today that gives a review today has no credibility. If they have a copy it wasn't gotten through proper means. If they got it properly, then they could not have played very much of the game. Anyone that got it properly would not give up the their credibility to be the 1st review out. The online is not even up. How do you do a review when you haven't even played the full game. Every major release someone gives a review negatively for hits before the embargo.

GoldPS33954d ago

Hurt? Why should I be hurt over another persons opinion? I don't play games by review scores.