Forza 3 Vs Gran Turismo 5 – HD Identical screens comparison

Gamersmint: At the eve of Gran Turismo 5′s launch, we have a pretty nifty comparison done for you which shows two exact shots taken from Forza Motorsports 3 and Gran Turismo 5 being pitted against one another. These have been taken in the exact same environment and will give you an exact idea about how different both games are from each other in terms of the visuals they bring to the table.

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MariaHelFutura3863d ago ShowReplies(3)
zootang3863d ago

GT5: Prologue already proved that Forza is no match.

blackbeld3863d ago

How dare they compares it with GT5?

GT5 is on a much higher level. It's like comparing Mario kart with Burnout.

jrm1253863d ago

Trolls are strange. They flock to the things they claim to hate. It's sort of like they loathe themselves and want to be masochists.

ArcFatalix should probably seek help.

ShinMaster3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

You're so right. We were fools.

ryuzu3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Don't matter now - GT5 is here. The graphics are glorious, but they are not the best part of the game!!!

Excellent handling and physics, incredible amount of stuff to do and the online is working extremely well now which is pretty impressive by itself for such a big game on launch.


Dee_913863d ago

they made this so that everybody would stop comparing the 2

AtatakaiSamurai3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

forza3 came out last yr. It showed what 360 @ 4yrs old could do and this on it's second try.

now, in the same time frame, GT5 comes out showing what the PS3 can do in it's 4th yr and this is only the first try.

if you cannot see by now that the PS3 is totally beyond anything the 360 could hope to produce for gamers and gaming then that's just blind ignorant stupidity it cant' be anyting else.

Keep looking to multiplats w/ hardly any differences to comfort you but everytime you see a PS3 exclusive it's got to make you feel like a moron for not owning one or bad mouthing it when other consoles are not giving you anything close in comparison.

BulletToothtony3863d ago

if they did a GT4 vz Forza 3 gt4 would still win.. that's how bad forza really looked

JRobes3863d ago

well enjoy waiting 4 yrs per game that comes out.. all while being duped into thinking it will come out one month, then a year, and then two years later. At least with Forza we could play it for the past few years.

sofocado3863d ago

they both look pretty identical. I don't understand why ps3 fan-boys and fan-girls think that Forza 3 looks like a Wii title compare to GT5. lol.

AAACE53862d ago

GT 5 has great graphics and that should not go ignored because they put a hell of a lot of work into it, however, there's just something I don't get...

In the 3rd set of pics, Forza's car model looks really good. In the first set of pics, Forza's pic looks like it was taken from Forza 2!

3862d ago
RedDead3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Forza looks great, GT5 looks well...there's no words that can describe it.

Edit---also above, thery're both about the same on the fun factor. However GT's career mode is years ahead of Forza's, it has been since Gt2(never played 1 so I don't know). The driving tests are awesome aswell. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Also the fact that GT has Rally and now even Nascar to go with it, can someone tell me, does GT5 have F1 too?

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PS3_lifer3863d ago ShowReplies(5)
JokesOnYou3863d ago

Both look great to me, I laugh at the people trying make themselves believe one or the other is greatly superior....the screenshots speak for themselves.

djfullshred3863d ago

GT5 clearly looks better. This is not a put down of Forza from me, because both looked good. But clearly GT5 looks more photorealistic, especially in the first picture, where Forza looks more like a drawing than a photo.

nycredude3863d ago

hahaha even jokesonyou isn't stupid enough to dis on Gt5 graphics! usually he would be totally dissing the Ps3 and it's exclusive but all of a sudden there is side by side comparison of Forza 3 and GT5, and he says both looks great?!

Jokes is not as dulusional as say PP that is for sure.

xstation793863d ago

At JokesOnYou

I was thinking the same thing. Anyone who is not a blind fanboy can clearly see that there isn't much difference at all. I'm sure gt5 will probably have more content than forza. But to say that gt5 looks alot better than forza just sounds like a idiot to me.

nycredude3863d ago

I'm not saying Forza 3 looks bad but if you don't see a difference it's time to change your eye prescription. Let's not forget to mention that Gt5 runs at a higher resolution, and has more cars on the track.

multipayer3863d ago

It's not a huge tradeoff considering xbox's fanbase enjoyed 3 Forza games in the last 5 years, while polyphony was working on this. I'm sure GT5 will hold the gold standard for awhile, simply because they loaded a bluray full of content to enjoy. But they took too long and this gen is practically over, when Dirt 3 on PC comes out in just a few months, it is going to have better graphics than anything on consoles...

Ju3863d ago

What? You are saying the non exiting lightning model in Forza makes it equal? LOL.

Thegamer413863d ago

From those screen shots, maybe there isnt much difference, but watch some HD game play footage or maybe, JUST maybe, buy both games like i did and see for yourself lol.

BlackTar1873862d ago

Jokes on you. My only problem with your post is you go into Multi plat articles where the 360 barely win at all but in those its a huge deal and the 360 is getting the super uber one compared to ps3 because of a screen tear somewhere along the lines.

Xbox and ps3 fans need to show some consistency if these look the same enough where the difference don't matter carry that consistency with you when you put down a multi plat that is like 99% close to its counter part.

Please be consistent otherwise you come off as 10yr old clowns.

BlackTar1873862d ago

Slug you just compared a ps3 game to a PC game that isnt released yet.

Give me a break. Doors that away

JokesOnYou3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

When I do comment on the few comparisons its usually in reply to some other BS, and the thing is it should be noted in multiplats since its a direct comparison, I mean its got to be something in the pudding 4yrs into ps3 life cycle for the vastly superior console (according to the sonyfanboys of course) to still be getting *SLIGHTLY inferior graphics, truthfully the original xbox was superior to ps2 and showed it day one in almost every multiplat comparison:

lol, these are *TWO different IP's, from *TWO different devs, that are *TWO years apart that barely looks different and yet you think that when a multiplat that release at the *SAME time, by the *SAME dev with YES YOU ARE RIGHT SLIGHTLY subpar graphics, but you suggest it should NOT be noted, do you really think that its the *SAME type of comparison?

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metsgaming3863d ago

mariahelfutura gets hidden for trolling and this troll doesnt wth ??? N4G "nods head"

3863d ago
xAlmostPro3863d ago

i was shocked it honestly looks like.. forza 3 has just came out and somebodys done a comparison of the forza 3 cars compared to the real life versions

gt5 is stunning

cyber_crysis3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Well you can tell you're not a Forza player at all. The difference between Forza 2 and Forza 3 is monumental. From the intuitive career mode to the cars themselves, everything has been vastly improved. Forza 3 beat GT5 all day in gameplay, sales, and overall long-term playability. Oh, and of course it will be out before GT5, lol.

Chubear3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

produce HD VIDEO comparisons instead of these weakassed screenshots lol

Yes, even with screenshots it's glaring that Forza3 is only now trying to match up to GT4 on the PS2 but a VIDEO comparison would be too staggering lol

What happened? I thought all these big gaming sites love to do video comparisons for all these multiplat games to show one more polygon on a blade of grass for one console over the other.

How come they don't jump all over these types of vid comparisons? yeah, you know why. It would be a slaughter comparing Exclusives vs. Exclusives. They want that MS ad$ incentive and wouldn't risk the big M taking their cash else where. lol

I love this gen. Keep whoopin' them trolls and haters down with factual evidence upon factual evidence and watch them squirm lol

tnator3862d ago

"Forza3 is only now trying to match up to GT4 on the PS2"

Now even as a PS3 owner i had to laugh at that!

Muffins12233863d ago

I dont even have a ps3,i have 360 and i can tell you this looks better tan forza,dont think i have xbox?GT:erik1223

mp12893863d ago

just look at the background, the road and everything that is not the car. Forza took no time in polishing this

supaflypriest3863d ago

Forza's road texture and trees look better...GT5's car models look better...

moparful993862d ago

Those screenshots that they used for gt5 looked horrible.. It looked as though the user that uploaded them didn't do an hd screen capture... Gt prologue looks better then those gt5 screenshots.. Heck I've seen youtube videos of gt5 that look much better then that... I hate these stupid comparissons because there's no way to know the apptitude nor the quality of equipment used...

moparful993862d ago

So I get two phantom disagrees because I called out the idiot who posted badly taken captures of the game which sell it short? No wonder people get so worked up on this site, can't even state the obvious.. Gt5 looks much better then these screen shots are showing....

elmaton983862d ago

You can clearly see in the pictures that gt5 look more real than forza 3 no doubt.

iamtehpwn3862d ago

Forza 3 looks good..But.
GT5 looks like Real life just got competition.

Delicious Malicious3862d ago

Its only been in Development since before E3 2005, NO BIG DEAL! Forza was dev in 2 years time and came out a year ago. GT5 and Forza 3 looks almost identical, to point you cant even tell hardly. Is Kazunori Yamauchi the modern day Rip Van Winkle? Did He fall asleep playing Pokemon on his Nintendo DS and poof Five years later awakens to make that could of been made a year ago. Now Kazunori will release his pokemon ball upon my comment saying" PS3 fanslags I chose you, attack"!

vhero3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

There cheating.. There comparing real life to Forza not GT5 that's not allowed :p. Honestly though Forzas resolution is blown away by GT5's

JsonHenry3862d ago

GT5 is the best looking racing game ever made. (on consoles)

Dirt 2, though not nearly as fun as GT5, looks the best. But that is only if you have a video card that can do DX11.

Hell, if the native rez was higher GT5 could pass for a high end PC game.

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blackburn53863d ago

Don't make a comparison for the love of God!!!!!!! *straps on flame proof, fanboy proof helmet, dives for cover* Incoming!!!!!!!!!!

Godmars2903863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Really doubt there's a flame suit that could take that much heat...

Thank you Turn 10 for starting all this crap. for bringing a knife to a gun fight.

I just wonder if Turn 10 will open their mouth now. Will they begrudgingly or honorably tip their hat to PT or be dismissive if not insulting?

felonycarclub3863d ago

knife to a gun fight, more like a knife to a nuclear strike lol

nycredude3863d ago

Don't kid yourself. I bet Turn 10 guys are amongst the first in line to pick Gt5 up. They are fans of racing and IMO any fans of racing should pick this game up. At least they should just to check out the competition and maybe learn a few things from them.


No comparison.

Should be Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

But GT5 is in another level.

MNicholas3863d ago

it's only FP10 which is, technically speaking, MDR and doesn't provide sufficient range to replicate realistic lighting.

Ask any 3D artist and that's what they'll tell you.

GT5 (and prologue) is running logluv32 which is vastly superior.

As for the posted images, you can also see that the GT5 models have vastly more detail.

However, it's not a fair comparison because GT5 not only has more detail and better lighting, it renders at a much higher resolution as well.