Survey: Do you play games at work ?

PopCap Games has announced the results of its survey of "white collar" workers, finding that nearly a quarter of them admit to playing games at work.

The company surveyed 7,102 consumers, 40 per cent of whom were identified as "white collar" workers in management, executive management, sales, accounting, medical, technical, consulting or administrative positions. Extrapolating from this sample, the survey suggests that as many as 80 million white collar workers play casual games.

Of those who admitted playing casual games at work, 84 per cent said they felt more relaxed and less stressed out, and 52 per cent said they felt more confident, more energetic, more productive, and/or more mentally focused after playing.

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P4KY B4151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )

I play Bridge Builder and Armadillo Run. and sometimes Monkey Island.
Armadillo Run is one of the best games ever made.

MACHone4150d ago

...a lot of Guitar Hero at work. But then again, I work at Game Crazy!