Games Radar: Lair and Heavenly Sword - what went wrong?

So the results are in. With two of PlayStation 3's biggest titles now being reviewed around the world, it has to be said they haven't been as impressive as their initial promise suggested. The scores are as low as 40 for Lair and 6/10 for Heavenly Sword. How could such massive releases be so disappointing?

Didn't someone look at Lair somewhere along the line and say "Er... this really isn't working"? And why does Heavenly Sword feel so disappointing despite its beauty? Games Radar takes a look at concensus opinion across the games review media and condense it into four main issues that can be learned from by all software houses.

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Violater4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

The games have not even been released yet?
A bit premature isn't it?
I am still waiting to hear which other game pushes the boundaries like these games do.

All in all I agree with giving the option to turn off motion control and that HYPE is a bad thing.

TriggerHappy4064d ago

I can swear Heavenly Sword has not even been announced as gone gold yet ? or am i missing something ?

HowarthsNJ4064d ago

A certain segment of the gaming press are going to grade the PS3 games on a curve.

The real gamers will do the judging for themselves. Note the average gamers' score for LAIR is about 7.5 out of 10.

TheSadTruth4064d ago

@ howard

that's because the "casual" population has not yet picked up a PS3 because it offers no "killer" titles at the moment, so the score is inflated because only diehard ps3 fans are scoring it

and also, reader averages are almost always higher

Now, maybe you guys should stop trying to put a positive spin on this and accept these two games for what they are

Lair sucks

and Heavenly Sword is pretty good

now move on with your lives instead of defending them like it even matters

sanderFVCKINcohen4063d ago

and i only have 1 thingy to say about it

"No! I wanted you to turn around so you don't hit the mountain! Not pick up speed and crash into it!"

but ill give it a 7.5, its worth just being amazed at the detailed graphics and playing it. but the gameplay sucks, and AI is somewhat good.

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MK_Red4064d ago

The article is mentioning lowest score of each title (4 for Lair and 6 for HS) while their averages are 5.5 and 8.
Personally, I don't think anything is wrong with any of them.

VirusE4064d ago

The games got hyped up to be AAA titles and going by the average of all the reviews that isn't the case. Lair was originally supposed to be Sony’s big game to take on bioshock in august but it got delayed and it’s average on metacritic is only 57%; dynasty warriors Gundam has a higher average. Heavenly sword is supposed to be going up against halo 3 as Sony’s big game in September and its average is only 80%. Sure 80% is still very good but a 90+% would be a AAA game and halo 3 has a bazillion pre-orders. Q4 has started and it isn’t looking good for Sony already. I for one am seriously disappointed. I have been playing Resistance for far too long and it looks like I am going to have to bank my hopes on drake and Haze.

power of Green 4064d ago

Yet Eternal Sonata's going to flop based off of one review before you say its not what you said we know what you meant. You and your buddies are hating one ES and even Mass Effect which hasn't even been reviewed. You and mercenary have many fooled.

kewlkat0074064d ago

"HYPE" is like "KARMA", it can come back to bite you in the @ss.

Of course Sony have not had great games, we all know, and we have been hearing Fans , say wait, wait, wait, wait, and now look at what happens?

Of course some of these game shave not been played, but they have been by Professional GAMERS, that we listen to and read their mags a lot, so yeah you can take their words with a grain of Salt or maybe a grain of Rice. As long as it does not spoil it for ya.

Ok Lair, HS, and what's next on the starving Ps3 gamers HYPED list?

Maybe UT3 and Haze, 2 more shooter type games?

I don't think the games are bad but it's looking like they are not what everybody intended them to be. Of course like "Lavar Burton" on Reading Rainbow used to say, "but you don't have to take my word for it" or the professional reviewers.

Go buy the game, and since everyone have been waiting for so long for Ps3 games, I reckon these games will be enjoyed, as long as your not "waiting" get in a Room to also enjoy Warhawk.

The moral of Sony and it's 2007 have been "You just wait, they are coming"

sticky doja4064d ago

Agreed, and I will wait with $600.00 in my pocket, not collecting dust on my entertainment center.

ash_divine4064d ago

they are professional "JOURNALIST" not "GAMERS" something you should keep in mind when reading reviews.

reaferfore204063d ago

They fixed the Warhawk server problems man. You can get on first try now... well at least I can. I haven't played Lair yet but Game Informer gave it a 7.5 (or somewhere around there) and that is the only magazine I trust these days. The only reason they gave it such a low score is because of the controls. I would have bought it already but it's freaking sold out at every store I went to and Gamefly hasn't sent me crap. I have Bioshock and Lair at my number 1 and 2. Probably won't be getting anything for a while :(

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Heavenly Sword is averaging close to an 8.5 grade, how is that bad? And what about Warhawk? It's even better than people expected.

Why isn't Heavenly Sword a 9.5? I hear it's lacking gameplay but rich on the visuals.

Violater4064d ago

There was not a lot of hype surrounding it before the beta, Then after the beta the greatness was undeniable.
So yea hype is a very bad thing, most of the time fan generated.

Munky4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

It's been averaging 80% (

Edit: Since when is gamerankings the last word on game averages? my statement is just as true as yours, I just got my info from another site (thats where I usually go). But in the end it doesn't change the fact that it is not averaging 85 as you said, its a better then average game.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )


Edit: Well it's not the 80.0 you stated either.

Munky4064d ago

In the end not 85 like you originally stated.

Munky4064d ago

I think what they are trying to say is that they both do not live up to the hype, both games have been games to watch for for PS3 owners since E3 05', and this is the best they can do? Now i'm not a expert on making games, but both these games have been in development for much longer then your typical game so the game(in theory) should be that much better then any other games out there, but their not. Solid games yes, but nothing that will blow your mind.

MarioFromTexas4064d ago

What is consider AAA status...Is Zelda AAA status even though it only sold 1 million copies. Is bioshock AAA status but won't even sell 1 million copies.

You stupid xbots go buy reveiws sony goes by how many copies each game is going to sell... Come back next month when the numbers are in and if these 2 titles don't sell over a 1million copies each then you can talk all you want. But to say they are flops is stupid and idiotic like buying a console when you know you have 1/3 chance of breaking down. Would you idiots buy a car if they told you it has 1/3 of a chance of breaking down...Only stupid xbots would...Wait for the numbers and let's see who's laughing then azzzwhipes

Munky4064d ago

Like it or not reviews count for something. You cant disregard the the opinions of ppl who review games for a living, thats what they do, they know what they are talking about.

Why is it so hard to believe that a games is not as good as it was made out to be, it happens. Look at Blue Dragon, look at Crackdown and Saint Row, it happens. Stop crying.

Darrius Cole4064d ago

Actually 83.2 rounds off to 85, not to 80.

Keyser4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

AAA is a corporate term about how many copies of a game got sold not about what reviews it got.

If a game sells a lot people obviously like it like Halo. Sales determine it's AAA status.

Google it if you don't believe.

I'm not saying you shouldn't buy a 360 if you want to, I'm commenting on how guys use the term AAA incorrectly.

ash_divine4064d ago

the term triple a is taken so far out of context that it's sad. Triple AAA means an item was extremely sucess not that it got perfect scores.

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Bill Gates4064d ago

Warhawk - Plays different, but well
HS - Averaging good so far, and WILL be a big hit for Sony.
XBOTS - Still jealous of the PS3 and its capabilities...AHAHHAHAHA
360 - Still blowing up left and right...AAAHAHAHHHA

codeazrael4063d ago

Because I don't see the ps3 being capable of selling many consoles or games, however few this holiday season compared to Microsoft and Nintendo.