Halo 3 Arriving Two Weeks Early & Other Rumors

The 360 has seen more than it's fair share of rumors - some true, some not; and some we have no idea about…yet. For example, have you heard that Halo 3 will be launching two weeks early (September 11th instead of September 25th)? No? Well this is one of several completely unfounded rumors currently circling in the gaming community.

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toughNAME4088d ago

dont the advertisements say september 25th?

as much as i want this..this would throw people off

besides ill be playing NHL 08 on 9/11

jay34088d ago

The only thing i have to say is the dude with an "Up"s thumb is huge.

Rhezin4088d ago

ya they already named it the 25th on advertisements, they wouldn't just "go back" and change the release date on those. Thought it would be sweet if it was coming out in a week.

jcgamer4088d ago

a very old school song BTW...Microsoft has been promoting the H-E-double hockey stick out of September 25, 2007...I don't think they would want any confusion...

absoloot664088d ago

Timex Social Club/Club Nouveau
"STOP...spreadin' those rumors around; STOP...spreadin' those lies!"

BrainDrain4088d ago

It's quite simple. The game will release on September 25th. Microsoft will be shipping tons of copies to distributors between now and then to ensure they have a ton of copies on the shelf for people to purchase.

Much like Bioshock, some store will break the street date at some point. It's almost guaranteed.

The official release date will not change, but don't be suprised if people are spotted playing the game before then.

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The story is too old to be commented.