PSP Phone: What should it have?‎

Some of Britain's highest-profile technology and gaming journalists figures have expressed their hope that Sony's PSP Phone can live up to the hype and make a real impression on the gaming world.

With the PSP Phone — probably based on the Android OS — looking more and more like it could actually be making an appearance, TechRadar has asked some of the most respected commentators in the UK technology and gaming worlds for their opinions on what the device should bring.

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Pedantic913862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Pffft, dream on bub.

There is no market for a portable powerhouse, maybe slightly stronger than the 3DS, but i think that is as far they'll go when it comes to visuals.

Besides, if the newly leaked pics are anything to go by, it would be too big/bulky as a phone. Unless the PSP2 & PSPhone are two different devices with their own set of games.