Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone President Steps Down

Miles Flint is stepping down from his role as president of Sony Ericsson having led the company's successful roll out of Walkman and Cyber-shot phones and in doing so establishing the company as the world's fourth largest handset manufacturer.

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damnwrx4063d ago

But, Who-TF is he anyway.........Man, don't you N4G have a better news, besides garbage.....

AliC4063d ago

It mentions Sony, so its a time to speculate at Sony type news article.

damnwrx4063d ago

Don't matter, still garbage.....

kewlkat0074063d ago

about Sony and where they are at in the different products they market, I see this.

Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola,(Top 3), got that guy scurred or what?

Fighter4063d ago

Sorry but this is a lame story that doesn't affect the gaming community.