Resolution: We Sing Robbie Williams review

Resolution's Jennifer Allen writes: I’ve got a rather pertinent confession to make. I actually quite like Robbie Williams’ music. I’d like to apologise immediately. I don’t have any music taste clearly. Still, I can’t be alone can I? He seems to do just fine when it comes to sales after all. I think it’s down to my age and to a lesser extent, my gender. Robbie Williams and Take That and all that nonsense were around at just the right time for me. Having said that, I couldn’t stand Take That the first time round yet now I look back at the era fondly. Amazing what rose tinted glasses can do eh? So yes, I know all the words to Angels, and Let Me Entertain You, and even Feel. I’m sorry. That confession said, We Sing Robbie Williams is clearly for people like me. It has no purpose at all if you hate him, his music and everything he represents. Anyone left? Oh. Anyway…

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