Pirate This Game, You'll Get Fined

Let's be clear. Torrenting games is not good. It's bad. But, if you are planning on torrenting games, think twice about doing so with The Witcher 2, because you could be hunted down and fined.

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CombineElite3854d ago

They should protect their game. Seriously they are setting themselves up to give away 5 million copies for FREE. Just put your game on Steam as Steam helps reduce piracy and most PC gamers respect Steam.

This article is nothing more but a arrogant challenge to those who torrent. Most PC savvy torrent users know how to block their IP address and can browse the Internet with stealth like capabilities.

I'm going to buy The Witcher 2 because it's a AAA PC title but Developers should never challenge the tech savvy.

Ducky3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Well, Steam doesn't really... do much. They're pirated just like everything else. It makes it more enjoyable for people who buy the game (some only buy a game if its on steam) but I haven't seen steam do anything concrete to stop pirating.

Though I'll agree that challenging pirates is never a good thing.

FantasyStar3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

I was always intending to get The Witcher 2. CD Projekt wants to releases a lengthy and feature-rich SP experience. They want to strip it of the DRM that plagues PC Gamers for years. They also want to give us a good deal of an already justified game. I've no reason not pirate this game or even think about it. All I need now is a demo to tide me over.

If you guys are reading this, you are doing a great job! I'd feel bad for even thinking of not supporting you! You guys make good games! I only wish I spent more time on the first Witcher, but alas, Crysis came out and it was my co-workers' copy. =D Hey, you bundle you first game with the 2nd one and that might tempted to pre-order!