Gran Turismo 5: Stunning Visual Effects Retail Footage, Day/Night Transition

Two new Gran Turismo 5 video show the visual effects, a snow race and the day/night transition from the final build.

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IRetrouk3521d ago

cant wait, sig edd tomorrow, cant wait 11 extra cars to start off with, gonaa be making credits in not time.

Xusuyzus3521d ago

guys here you have a damage model,..
I think it opens us at higher levels with perhaps less assists....
Looks great

Cloudberry3521d ago


At 0:11, things falling apart???

Front & back looked wrecked too.

SMW3521d ago


Venatus-Deus3521d ago

Yeah, that looked really good. First time ive seen the doors opening on impact.

Bordel_19003521d ago

Mother of all driving games.

im-12-years-old3521d ago

Your picture is.... very unique

DoomeDx3521d ago

3:58 to bad! hehe.

awesome game, cant wait!

perfectCarbonara3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Lets take shots everytime the words 'Gran Turismo' and 'stunning' appear in the same sentence.

Myst3521d ago

Oh man that's awesome!

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